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My two favorite anti-virus programs are "Search and Destroy" and the free root kit removal tool by Kaspersky Labs. Search and Destroy is regularly updated and has caught many a virus for me that my other paid programs did not and the...

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What's your breakfast food, if any?

It's almost always eggs these days, in some fashion. Either I will simply fry some eggs along with some toast and home fries, or I will spend a little more time and make an omelette, or an eggs benedict, etc...I also like to poach eggs in a...

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Godfather's Pizza

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Genuine Discounts Vs. Illusion Of Discounts

I have a special method, I keep an eye on the prices of things I want and avoid buying any impulse items at all. When I shop for food for example I know that I can get a healthy loaf of bred for about $2.75 so when the store offers a $6 for two...

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I own a cat and let me tell you it's expensive to own a cat in my area.- I had to have proof of spaying my cat within 2 weeks of owning it- I have to pay a yearly $50 fee to have a proper tag on my cat, otherwise they take it away- Pet food...

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Worms are great but I don't do either, I am addicted to using jigs with plastic worms(and frogs, and lizards). I find that when I use worms I can't get the smell off my hands for days and that the fish don't bite any more from jigs...