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Alawar Entertainment, Inc. – publisher and creator of Magic Ball 2, Snowy, PacMania, Hyperballoid and a lot of other addictive casual games, free downloads, players contests.


Active Alawar Entertainment Coupons

  • 20% OFF Coupon Code

    20% off

    WNTR-YTBN-SALE Get Coupon Code

    Alawar Entertainment: Winter Sale: 20% off all games, including Ice Puzzle Deluxe.

    by 14 Votes
    Last vote: NO
    YES NO
  • 50% OFF Coupon Code

    50% off

    ALAW-SE03-SSTC Get Coupon Code

    Alawar Entertainment: 50% off the game Snowy Space Trip - expires September 1.

    by 11 Votes
    Last vote: NO
    YES NO
  • FREE Deal

    Get this Offer

    Alawar Entertainment: If you download their console (alawar box) they have a free game they give away every month or so. You have to download their box. It is free!

    by 34 Votes
    Last vote: YES
    YES NO
  • ON SALE! Deal

    Get this Offer

    Alawar Entertainment: has the hidden object game natalie brooks: secrets of treasure house on sale for $4.99 until sept 30, 08

    by 16 Votes
    Last vote: NO
    YES NO
  • COUPON CODE Coupon Code

    dream farm

    STPC2009 Get Coupon Code

    Alawar Entertainment: dream farm

    by 15 Votes
    YES NO

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  • 30% off

    Alawar Entertainment: Order any game at, use the coupon code at the last step of the purchase and save 30% of the regular price for your Christmas entertainment and presents! Offer is valid until December, 31st, 2008


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