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It's worth it if you use it. For most people it's not worth it because they buy it, use a few times when they first buy it and then will never use it again. If it's someone who is disciplined and actually uses it a few...
Posted by: isabbbela in Sports & Fitness - 9 minutes ago
Eating Nuts For Healthy Looking Skin
---Quote (Originally by PSLoveCharli)--- Hey guys, as we're all looking for that PERFECT regimen that will help us keep great looking skin everyday, I ran across an article in Cosmopolitan that was really helpful....
Posted by: AB91000 in Health & Beauty - 11 minutes ago
Do you always leave a product review?
I don't always leave reviews. I will only do it if I really liked or really disliked a product. I have also left reviews before if I felt there was something important worth pointing out to customers - for example if a...
Posted by: isabbbela in Product Reviews - 12 minutes ago
I've only bough 1 App... Is that Weird?
No. that is not weird. I have never bought an app. There are to many free alternatives in the app store for me to pay fr something that i can get for free. The fact that you choose to indulge in those options does...
Posted by: AB91000 in Mobile Apps & Games - 15 minutes ago
Save or invest?
I think both are great ideas. However. I prefer to save. Investments are always risky. You never know how they will turn out. That is why i prefer to save. Unless there is a no risk investment being offered, and that...
Posted by: AB91000 in Retirement Plans - 20 minutes ago
Saving vs investing
---Quote (Originally by Gelsemium)--- No no, there are no interests at all in a savings account and the interests we have the state takes half of those in taxes, it's ridiculous. The question is, what to invest in?...
Posted by: Richiee in Savings & Investments Plans - 21 minutes ago
Saving for a goal
Ye. I am always saving up for something. I recently saved up $1500 over the course of 5 months in order to buy Google Glass. I was extremely proud of my self for grinding, and sacrificing enough to save that amount...
Posted by: AB91000 in Savings & Investments Plans - 24 minutes ago
Alternatives to a outrageous priced Easter basket?
I usually like to buy a bunch of inexpensive small items for my kids Easter baskets and then throw in a little candy. I'm thinking of trying what megshoe mentioned and reusing a basket/bucket this year. I have been...
Posted by: Adrean J in Seasonal & Holidays - 4 hours ago
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