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Latest discussions on forum

By DrRipley 43 minutes ago in Misc & Others

Items You Prefer Customized

Customized t-shirts are kind of popular here in my country, and they sell really well. I actually still own some customized t-shirts. It somehow gives you your own "branding." I absolutely like wearing them. :)

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Misc & Others

Research Online Before Buying, Offline

I do research buying items that I know can have varied prices depending on the seller, like tablets or even cheaper items such as memory cards. For mundane items like food and clothes, not really. Comparing prices online saves me the effort of...

By TPhoenix 1 hour ago in Sports & Fitness

What was your best fitness accomplishment of 2014?

Must have been muscle building. My cardio improved slightly, but I also put on weight. I was doing pretty well over summer but a manual labouring job in the autumn meant I was incredibly hungry on return from work, and was eating a lot of...

By Diane Lane 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Do You Re-use Tea Bags?

I see. I don't know how you drink your tea, but over here we just place a tea bag in a glass and put hot water on it. I don't know how to brew, but the paper is still moist since it's kept in the ref, and if you squeeze the bag...

By roki123 1 hour ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions

Can I Use Whatsapp On My Pc?

I didn't think you could. I have a phone emulator, so I was able to. That's interesting that you can do it directly from the website. Others like qeep have had desktop/mobile options for a while, but this must be new for whatsapp.

By dashboardc33 1 hour ago in Pets

Living Affordably With Pets

I give my cat some tuna, but that real adds to the cost of food, the generic cat food is cheaper, but I do like to treat him now and then.I also sometimes give him leftover fish from other meals we are having, I think this is quite common too.

By Webene 1 hour ago in Product Reviews

Favorite Ice Cream brand?

My overall preference is van bought Ice-cream. Aside from that it's This brand of Cornish real ice cream, that is far superior to any imitation ice creams. I sometimes actually make my own, and that is some of the best for my taste buds :)

By Aurelia 2 hours ago in Food & Drink

Ordering Meat Online

I never purchase meat online actually. I usually buy it from a butcher, but I'm not a massive meat eater anyway. I'll generally prefer to buy the highest quality organic products, but corned beef is something I'm not too fussy over.