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Hello From La

Hi everybody,My name is Jamie, I come from Los Angeles, working as IT developer. I love reading books. Also, my hobby is making DIY projects for my house that I find around on the net. Greets ! :)

Teenage Craze For Fashion

I think so too. Once you learn how to work and budget your own money you become sensible about your expenses. Money really does not grow on trees but you learn this yourself. When you have parents providing for you, you really do not care about expenses.

What Is Your Most Worn Item In Your Closet?

My most worn item is probably my leggings. Before I got pregnant, I rarely wear leggings but when I was pregnant it is the only thing comfortable enough. Now that my son is 1 year old, leggings are my bestfriend as I can be comfortable and active while wearing it!

Christmas Shopping All Year Long?

I always have my eyes opened for that perfect gift for a special someone. So it I happen to see it in January, July or whenever I will buy it then. The hardest part is trying to hang on to it until Christmas and not giving it to them before then. It is especially...


I don't care for the Mio either. It just adds a strange taste, regardless of the flavor. Plus, it's way too easy for kids to add way too many drops when they are trying to prepare their own drink!

Music you don't like listening to?

The genres that I don't listen to are Opera and heavy metal. Other then those two I like most music. I am not a big fan of rap music but I have heard songs and artists that I have really enjoyed in those genres. Some of them are really good and very talented. I...

Costco Vs. Sams

I don't currently have a membership to either one, but in the past I always went with Sam's club. My dog has severe allergies and they had a great price on generic benedryl. If I stuck to just buying the medicine, the savings would have made up for the... em?.....hate em?

It really depends on the survey. I do enjoy taking them every now and then but sometimes they get boring and really don't seem to be going in any certain direction. I am not a fan of the ones where you have to watch commercials and then answer questions about...