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The best time to enjoy internet speeds
I generally use the internet more towards the night, because everyone is asleep. I don't generally do it do cut down on the cost, but because I have the internet all to myslf, free of horrible lag in games and buffering...
Posted by: maxim66 in Internet Broadband Access - 2 minutes ago
Is it legal to hide or change your IP address?
Very legal. I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which basically just hides my real IP, and gives me a new one, and I can, for example, pretend I'm in the USA and use US Netflix, and it's completely legal. You can...
Posted by: maxim66 in Internet Broadband Access - 3 minutes ago
Using an apron, yes or no?
LOL, sorry to hear about that Diane, but in fact you have a solution right in front of your eyes, just get an apron. I do it because I get wet, but if I ruined clothing I would not give it another thought, I'd get it...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Home & Garden - 24 minutes ago
Skin creams
Having an oily skin is something good Denis, mine is oily too, but for some reason I tend to develop eczema in some parts of the body - like the face - if I don't use the cream. As for babies Theo, sure, my kids always...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Health & Beauty - 36 minutes ago
Internet privacy
So true, this surveillance is kept strictly for economic reasons IMO, I can't even imagine the amount of resources used on this and what good they could be doing in other more worthy causes, like giving food to those...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 37 minutes ago
Cloud services too slow?
I have been using both Mega and Dropbox in the last months/years, but recently I just switched bad to the good old pen because it's way faster. Are these services too slow or is it just me? Are you still using pen...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 40 minutes ago
oldest cloth
I still have the clothes that I wore when I was a teen, so they're more than a decade old already. Roughly 14 to 15 years old. The pants and the loose shirts still fit me, so I wear them until now. I rarely wear them...
Posted by: sidney in Fashion & Apparel - 1 hour ago
Do You Still Listen To The Radio?
---Quote (Originally by 003)--- Good question! I myself is a music lover and a fan. So, I myself have a lot of bands and specific artists to listen to and I own a lot of iPods because all of those to whom I am...
Posted by: sidney in Movies, Music & Games - 2 hours ago
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