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Do you buy shoes online?
No. I want to try them on first. I want to make sure they fit well, but most of all, they need to be comfortable. I don't think I will ever buy shoes nor clothes online.
Posted by: MindyT in Misc & Others - 14 minutes ago
Worst smartphone app you've ever used?
That's a funny question. There are too many that it's scary! I would say the cat's laser light game. It was just a red dot moving around the screen for your cat to try to catch. I can't believe I downloaded it, but at...
Posted by: MindyT in Mobile Apps & Games - 16 minutes ago it worth it?
Don't they have free apps that track your steps? I would rather try those than shell out the money for a wristlet. That's just me though.
Posted by: MindyT in Product Reviews - 21 minutes ago
Do you haggle at street markets?
I hate it. When I went to the Dominic Republic, the group I went with had one day or one trip to a local market. Boy, I was overwhelmed. I wanted a good deal, but I felt guilty for trying to bargain. Plus, I wasn't...
Posted by: MindyT in Travel - 28 minutes ago
Tide Pods
Why do they smell as they dissolve? Is it a defect? I have never used them before. I thought they seemed pricey. I would rather take the extra time pouring in the detergent and saving the pennies than paying more for...
Posted by: MindyT in Product Reviews - 35 minutes ago
What Do You Think Of Russia's Dual Screen Phones?
It's an intriguing idea, but I doubt it will be adopted here. It really is a gimmick, and gimmicky phones tend to fail in the United States. The Amazon Fire Phone recently received a lukewarm reception and unimpressive...
Posted by: troutski in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 39 minutes ago
Favorite apps
It really depends on which type of app or apps you are asking about. I have several great apps that I use for money-makers or money-savers. I have a few games I like to play. I also have several apps I like to use to...
Posted by: MindyT in Mobile Apps & Games - 41 minutes ago
2 in 1 laptops
Most two-in-one laptops almost always lean toward the tablet side more than being a full-blown laptop. A couple convertible tablets run Windows 8 for a full laptop experience, but they can get quite expensive. I prefer...
Posted by: troutski in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 42 minutes ago
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