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Have You Bought A Memory Card On Ebay Or On Any Online Stores? Were They Legit Or Fake?
---Quote (Originally by megadelayed)--- I would also recommend the OP checks the seller feedbacks before buying ANYTHING from eBay, and have some common sense with them. Any items that are sold for prices much lower...
Posted by: sidney in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 6 minutes ago
What would you want your last food to be?
I had to think about this question for some time. I don't think I have even been asked that so you stumped me. :) My last food would definitely be sushi. It is my absolute favorite and we don't get to have it that often...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Food & Drink - 9 minutes ago
How Do You Celebrate Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for our family. We have been blessed with so much and it is a day that is highlighted as a SUPER SPECIAL day to give thanks. We thank God everyday but this one is above all. ...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Seasonal & Holidays - 13 minutes ago
What's your Favorite Animated Movie?
I just love animated movies and I can't just name one or two favorites so here are my top ten (not in any particular order): 1. Monster's Inc. 2. Tangled 3. Shrek 4. Up 5. Kung-Fu Panda 6. How to Train Your...
Posted by: eppie in Movies, Music & Games - 15 minutes ago
Items that are worth buying from Chinese websites?
I think I was sold a refurbished rather than a brand new Sony Ericsson W995, and it only lasted 8 months. The motherboard got broken. I bought the phone in Ebay from a Chinese seller. They offer warranty, but I never...
Posted by: sidney in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 18 minutes ago
Buying no brand rice
Broken rice and whole rice doesn't taste much different. Usually broken rice come out softer when cooked as these have been overly dried before milling or are not as fully aged as the whole grain rice prior to milling....
Posted by: Athenagdlyt in Food & Drink - 22 minutes ago
Soap or shower gel?
We actually have both in our home. The girls use shower gel, my young boys use superhero shower gel and my husband uses regular bar soap. I tried to start buying just the shower gel (even the Axe brand for my husband)...
Posted by: Danyel72 in Health & Beauty - 24 minutes ago
So What Do YOU *HATE* about Facebook?
What I have always hated about Facebook is the blatant invasion of privacy going on while you use it. Granted, you kind of give up your privacy willingly by signing up to it, but the fact still remains that it can be...
Posted by: Spectre456 in Product Reviews - 25 minutes ago
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