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By tommymac 2 years ago in Gas & Electricity

Electric Aggregation Program

Looks like my community is taking part in an electric aggregation program. For those of you who don't know, that's a system that municipalities and counties to purchase electricity on behalf of residential and small-business utility...

By varislost555 2 years ago in Home & Garden

Electric Problems in House..?

I have been experiencing flickering lights in my home lately. In the garage, one of the lights flickered so much to the point that it stopped working. I went and got a new bulb to put in and when I did, i noticed that the "burntout"...

By DrRipley 4 months ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

USB Electric Plug Adapters

I'll be buying a few usb electric plugs soon where I can plug in my electronics that charge via USB wires directly into power outlets. I'm thinking of just buying the cheap generic brands but I'm skeptical because I've heard of...

By LindaKay 1 year ago in Gas & Electricity

Prepaid Electricity -- Does Anyone Have It?

I recently moved and switched electric companies. The company that I have now offered prepaid electric service with no deposit, so I took it. I thought I would hate it, but I actually really like it. Basically, I add a bit of money to my electric...

By allison 2 years ago in Gas & Electricity

Tips on how to pay electric bill?

Does anyone have any tips or websites for assistance on electric bills? I've checked but they appear to be down for the time being, and I really need help now. I can't use LEAP because it goes through Community Action and...

By JoanMcWench 1 year ago in As Seen on TV

The Cat's Meow: Part Deux...Electric Boogaloo

So, I saw the other review for this product and it seemed really middle of the road. I was left in the same place I started: Uncertain of purchase.I saw the cat toy at a local Walgreens on sale but I had not read much about it and I was wondering...

By kana_marie 1 month ago in Gas & Electricity

Can This Really Be Common Electric Company Policy???

I recently found out our electric company has a really disturbing that is apparently legal. I'm curious as to rather this is all power companies or just this area. About 6 years ago the area had a terrible ice storm. It took out power in the...

By Zyni 4 months ago in Gas & Electricity

Trick for saving Electricity - use a Power Strip

I have to give credit for this idea to my mother. She is the one person I know who has an incredibly low electric bill. One of her tips is to plug everything into power strips and then just turn off the whole thing when not in that room or when...