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By 3 40 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Is It Safe To Eat The Egg Raw?

I'm with others here on the batter-tasting thing. I always do it, always have and I like a little bit of raw cookie dough, too, when I'm baking. I never really think about the eggs that are in the batter or dough, though.I have also been...

By Lostvalleyguy 47 minutes ago in Health & Beauty

Washing (yourself) in cold water.

I don't know if it's so much that cold water is good for your skin as it is that hot water is not. I'm afraid I couldn't stand cold water much, though, to reap any benefits. Cool water in the summer, yes; but not cold. And...

By katharinemae 53 minutes ago in Health & Beauty

Beauty product you can't live without

Hmmm. After reading some of these suggestions I'm going to have to look into coconut oil a little deeper. I do use it in my soaps and sometimes for cooking, but other than that haven't used it for anything else. One person said they used...

By worldmachine 54 minutes ago in Life & Health Insurance

Life Insurance With A Chronic Condition

I have congestive heart failure and also had a-fib and still got life insurance. It was only a small burial policy; but that was all that I need it to be. For the first two years, it only pays a return of premiums plus 10%; but after that it is a...

By hayrake 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Water Pitcher Filters

The well water in my home is very hard and has a lot of sediment. I have a filter in the basement and one in the refrigerator, but I'm thinking to get a water pitcher filter too. I know little or nothing about any of them. Does anyone have a...

By hayrake 1 hour ago in Misc & Others

Where Do You Buy Your Eyeglasses?

I usually dont go to Target very often either. It seems like they have a higher price than Walmart for the same item, plus, we do not live very close to a Target. Since I am also a low-income senior, I think that checking out Target for an exam...

By elite1fl 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Amazon Launching Unlocked Service To Give Away Free Apps

I think that Amazon Prime already offers one free "paid app" a day for people. I do not know if it is only game apps or if it is for any of their apps. I have a Kindle Fire; but I only use it for reading; and I use the iPad for...

By kana_marie 1 hour ago in Product Reviews

Coffee Makers

it! LOVE it!!:)I want a Keurig because of all the flavors that I will be able to make with one. I adore flavored coffee, but you say here that you like flavored coffee and yet you have the brewstation, so I take it that the...