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You could save a little money with this
That's a good idea! Also, instead of using an overhead light that lights the whole room, using a small lamp on the nightstand, etc, is a lot better option. Kindles, Nooks, etc, are also nice options specifically...
Posted by: Jessi in Misc & Others - 13 minutes ago
Stream fitness instruction lessons?
I learnt a lot of things from internet streams. I never needed a fitness trainer but rather a yoga instructor. I have been following the instructions of an experienced teacher for over a year now and have learnt many...
Posted by: Dora M in Sports & Fitness - 56 minutes ago
How Often Do You Invest in a New Computer?
I only ever buy a new computer when my current one gives up. I bought a tablet about half a year ago, but I don't use it as much as I thought I would. My last laptop came from a cash converter and cost me around $450....
Posted by: Dora M in Software PC & Mac - 1 hour ago
Life quality
Personally, I am a country person and don't mind if it takes me an hour or more to travel to work, as long as I know that in the evening I can return back to my quiet retreat. A lot of my friends in Europe think that a...
Posted by: Dora M in Misc & Others - 1 hour ago
What's your favourite food show on TV?
I admit that most food shows on TV get on my nerves, especially those where people have to compete and please the taste buds of some alleged experts. But I really like Jamie Oliver for all his great efforts to educate...
Posted by: Dora M in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
How good is your tap water?
The water that comes from my tap is drinkable, but it doesn't taste great. I invested in a carbon filter that sifts the water through several different layers. It tastes sweet and beautiful. Since I learnt about the...
Posted by: Dora M in Water - 1 hour ago
What is your favorite beach?
I don't know about American beaches, but if I ever came to the USA, I would definitely like to check out some places in Southern California. Here in Australia you are never far from a beach, unless you live inland....
Posted by: Dora M in Travel - 1 hour ago
Cheaper by train?
I'd love to travel on trains, but here in Australia the distances are vast and it takes a long time to get to your destination. Sometimes weeks. Most people in this country catch a plane as you would catch a bus, only...
Posted by: Dora M in Travel - 1 hour ago
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