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Official web site of the Atkins Diet program, pioneer and advocate for the use of low carbohydrate diets. Includesdetails on the science behind the diet.


Active Atkins Coupons

  • $1 OFF Coupon Code

    $1.00 off any atkins bar 5-pack

    17479 Get Coupon Code

    $1.00 off any Atkins Bar 5-pack

    by 27 Votes
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    • Anonymous - 2 months ago
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  • $1 OFF Coupon Code

    $1 off

    17478 Get Coupon Code

    $1 off any Atkins Advantage Meal bar 5 pack

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    • Anonymous - 1 year ago
      Saved 1 USD on bar
  • $5 OFF Coupon Code

    $5.00 off Atkins advantage

    19343 Get Coupon Code

    Atkins: $5.00 off Atkins advantage

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    YES NO
  • COUPON CODE Coupon Code

    $10 food purchase of $50 or more.

    ATKINS10OFF Get Coupon Code

    $10 food purchase of $50 or more.

    by 25 Votes
    Last vote: NO
    YES NO
  • HOT COUPON Coupon Code

    enter code during checkout to receive 10%off purchase.

    ATKTEN Get Coupon Code

    Enter code during checkout to receive 10%OFF purchase.

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  • FREE GIFT Deal

    Get this Offer

    Free Quick Start Kit & 3 Free Atkins Bars on Registration

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  • Save $10 Coupon Code

    $10 off $50+

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    Save $10 off your order of $50 or more.

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Atkins Promo Codes & Discounts - WORKED before December 2014

Sometimes codes or deals like these Atkins coupons below may not work after their expiry date, but it can worth a try. If a code works for you, please check the box "Worked for me".
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  • 20% off your order of any atkins products pluse $4.99 shipping ...



    Worked for me
  • 20% off your entire order when you enter this discount code at checkout ...

    20% off your entire order when you enter this discount code at checkout. Expires 1/31/12


    Worked for me
  • 20% off your entire online order - expires 10/1/10

    20% Off Your Entire Online Order - Expires 10/1/10


    Worked for me
  • 20% or $4 off

    Atkins: 20% OFF YOUR ORDER PLUSE GET $4.99 SHIPPING! Expires 3/31/11


    Worked for me
  • 20% off new fall products ...

    20% OFF NEW FALL PRODUCTS; Expires 11/30/10


    Worked for me
  • $10 off $50+

    Atkins: $10 OFF A $50 ORDER OF ATKINS PRODUCTS. Expires 2/28/11; offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion


    Worked for me
  • 15% off

    15% off your entire order, expires 9/6/11


    Worked for me
  • free shipping

    Free Standard shipping with a $25 order Expires 2/29/12


    Worked for me
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