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Have you ever borrowed an item of clothing from a friend or sibling and never returned it? I had a friend who kept a jacket of mine and she kept 'forgetting' to return it despite her staying at my house every week so I ended up going to...

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I hope this is in the right section. I was just wondering how everyone feels about this issue. I admit that I spent a lot of money buying Christmas gifts this year. I bought gifts for people, but I didn't get that many gifts in return. I...

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I'll admit that whenever I buy bananas, I buy too many, on purpose, because I love frozen bananas.Once your bananas start to get more ripe than your family will eat, cut them up into banana "coins" and freeze them in single-serving...

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Bourjois gives away lipsticks that are described as being audacious, modern and intense! There will be no more sticky and dried lips, but creamy and quality lipsticks in 8 shades. They will offer you a pleasant sensation of velvety and light...

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I'm currently studying Music and I major in Guitar. I am so grateful that there a couple of apps that can help me with playing. I especially love this app called "PitchLab Pro." It's a guitar tuner and so far, this is the best...

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I have just seen an advertisement that I thought was neat and I wondered if anyone has tried it or what they use to work out with. Apparently, you can use songs you already have for your workout. Download Cruise Control for $5.00 on iTunes. It...