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Are you able to focus even if you home is messy?
It depends on my mood. In general I can't go to sleep unless things are tidy or do anything important without things in place. Recently I have had to try to ignore any mess, because I would spend too much time tidying...
Posted by: Theo in Home & Garden - 7 minutes ago
Every when do you clean your house or room?
When I clean my room, I also clean the entire house. I can't stand to see my room clean and the rest of the house dirty. I do it every other day, or whenever I see that it needs cleaning. Sometimes, when I am so busy,...
Posted by: May102014 in Home & Garden - 9 minutes ago
What Is the Difference between "Movies" & "Cinema"?
Awards! That's what can makes a movie a classic, actors, script and directors. Very few classic films have no awards and not only the industry awards, but those from magazines too. These days there is more marketing...
Posted by: Theo in Movies, Music & Games - 17 minutes ago
Cloud services too slow?
There are days when Dropbox is really slow or doesn't synch and I freak out a bit, but I usually pause it and reset it. It's only happened a few times to me. I tend to email documents to myself too as a back up, but a...
Posted by: Theo in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 31 minutes ago
Amazon real reviews
---Quote (Originally by Lushlala)--- Oh yes, that's the other thing I do; looking at negative or average reviews. By doing this, I m able to see if they highlight some of my bug bears. I find this very useful. I...
Posted by: Theo in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 37 minutes ago
Washing dishes with running water?
Yeah, I always put my dishes in water as well Diane because if the dishes aren't like that it's much harder to take the dry food from them, but after that procedure of having them wet, I just wash them on running water,...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Home & Garden - 38 minutes ago
The best time to enjoy internet speeds
I generally use the internet more towards the night, because everyone is asleep. I don't generally do it do cut down on the cost, but because I have the internet all to myslf, free of horrible lag in games and buffering...
Posted by: maxim66 in Internet Broadband Access - 44 minutes ago
Is it legal to hide or change your IP address?
Very legal. I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which basically just hides my real IP, and gives me a new one, and I can, for example, pretend I'm in the USA and use US Netflix, and it's completely legal. You can...
Posted by: maxim66 in Internet Broadband Access - 45 minutes ago
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