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What's your egg dish?
I love eggs benedict with a silghtly runny egg and the rich sauce. I don't have it too often. I also can't make it myself that well so it's a nice treat when I'm going out for brunch. One of my favorite restaurants...
Posted by: pennylane in Food & Drink - 14 minutes ago
Ice tea
They're pretty much as bad as regular soft drinks in terms of sugar content. I would suggest brewing your own tea from teabags/tea leaves, adding a dash of lemon juice/jasmine leaves/rose buds to give it some additional...
Posted by: Squigly in Food & Drink - 15 minutes ago
When food shopping do you prefer quality or quantity?
I go for the quality. I wouldn't want to fill my stomach with tons of unhealthy foods that are cheap that I could by more than what I could consume. Even if the quality foods are that expensive and that I don't have...
Posted by: 003 in Food & Drink - 24 minutes ago
Eating from different places
I don't feel like doing it. I feel like it's so much of a hassle, so when I go to a fast food, when I decide to eat there, I order all there that I would want to eat, even if the serving from another fast food tastes...
Posted by: 003 in Food & Drink - 27 minutes ago
Favorite vegetable(s)?
I like the most broccoli and it family like cabbage. I have heard that they are also among the most nutritious vegetables that we could consume. What I like about it, aside from its delicious taste, is its crunchiness....
Posted by: 003 in Food & Drink - 30 minutes ago
When did you last eat eggs?
A week ago, I think. But I don't think that egg is something one should be avoided. It is very healthy. Its white is the only one I know that is full of protein. It's just that it's yellow will give you cholesterol more...
Posted by: 003 in Food & Drink - 33 minutes ago
Nice Halloween treats?
My grandmother every halloween makes a pasta with a black sauce. She does it by using a squid and its ink. It's basically a marinara, just that it differs with color. She also prepares a chocolate cake and serves black...
Posted by: 003 in Food & Drink - 39 minutes ago
Mixed Healthy & Junk Food Dishes
I combined my salads with processed peanuts and other nuts and I often eat some oreos after I have eaten a very wholesome and healthy meal. There are a lot of junk foods I couldn't live without, those that I couldn't...
Posted by: 003 in Food & Drink - 43 minutes ago
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