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What are your favorite pizza toppings?
I use to do this a lot as a teenager. I keep telling myself I am going to return to making my own pizza again. It was really easy too and I got into doing it after taking home economics class during my freshmen year in...
Posted by: May102014 in Food & Drink - 12 minutes ago
Do you usually drink alcohol?
Oh boy. I am a woman who cannot hold her liquor. As my boyfriend would say, I'm a lightweight. I absolutely hate the taste of beer so much. I remember when I was a child, my aunt had a small gathering at my parents'...
Posted by: May102014 in Food & Drink - 16 minutes ago
Any Bad Habits That Cost You Money?
Yes, I'm addicted to buying makeup!! It's a pretty nasty habit for my finances!!! I'm better now, but up until last year I was a nightmare, I spent so much money on makeup it's crazy..... At the beginning of the year I...
Posted by: isabbbela in Health & Beauty - 20 minutes ago
Are plants an important part of your work space?
At work no because I am in a busy office environment but at home my wife is an avid gardener. And the lady that lives next door to me makes a living growing bonsai plants and selling them to people. So on my floor they...
Posted by: wulfman in Office Supplies - 21 minutes ago
Do you care about the lefty in your office?
I'm left handed and nobody cares about that at work... But I'm used to doing things like cutting with scissors with my right hand. I have always done it, just because it's a nightmare to use them with your left hand. I...
Posted by: isabbbela in Office Supplies - 23 minutes ago
Is Bottled Water Worth The Cost?
I don't drink bottled water. I pay enough for a home RO system and every 3 months I get the filter changed and the machine cleaned. That alone costs a tidy sum. The reverse osmosis system purifies the water as good as...
Posted by: wulfman in Water - 25 minutes ago
Do you still buy newspapers?
I don't buy newspapers, but I never had the habit of buying them. My parents used to buy them and my aunt still buys them on the weekends. I prefer to read everything electronic. I pretty much only use newspapers in the...
Posted by: isabbbela in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 29 minutes ago
Who do you complain to?
You can always try the angry letter route. Or you can phone the headquarters and most likely they will work with you if it is a large company like Walmart or Costco. They may ask for some proof of purchase if you have a...
Posted by: wulfman in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 29 minutes ago
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