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Favorite Robin Williams Film?
---Quote (Originally by Bright7)--- It is so difficult to choose just one. I think he was a brilliant actor and comedian. There are so many great movies and memorable scenes. There is one scene in Hook where a...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Movies, Music & Games - 10 minutes ago
Retirement Thoughts
This little thread exploded and I'm really excited about it. I think I'll go into detail with some of the specifics in other threads, but the idea that 10% of your income to savings and 10% to retirement in your 20's...
Posted by: Gavin in Retirement Plans - 11 minutes ago
How Do You Save Money During The Holiday Season?
Saving money during the whole Christmas season can be very difficult and many people have put themselves in debt because of it. I believe that in order to save money it is best that at least a month before you make a...
Posted by: allswl in Seasonal & Holidays - 13 minutes ago
Songs or Singers That Annoy You
Justin Bieber has been irritating me recently. His crime list and stupid stunts are growing in number. Drunk driving, beating up a 12 year old, saying that if Anne Frank were alive, she'd be a Belieber, buying a pet...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Movies, Music & Games - 18 minutes ago
What Is The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Regretted Buying?
Hanging in my closet is a $120 dollars dress that I got to wear for a wedding and never again. I regret getting it because originally I didn't want to, I was going the get a cheaper one. But my family insisted that the...
Posted by: mariee in Misc & Others - 23 minutes ago
Is Rap music destroying our youth?
It's just another genre of music, and a lot of today's youth actually don't even listen to it. There's people who listen to country and commit hate crimes against minorities. It's like movies and video games, people...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Movies, Music & Games - 26 minutes ago
Do You Prefer Stories With A Happy Ending?
That's a good question, you don't know. The best you can do is see where the book is categorized, is it under drama? Then there's a good chance of a sad ending. Funny that you mention The Road. There's a movie after...
Posted by: prettycolors in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 29 minutes ago
Nathan For You - Best & Overlooked Comedy Show
The genius of this show, is that the whole thing's one big prank. Nathan Fielder is a professional comedy writer from Canada. He comes up with horrible business ideas as a joke, and business owners try these ideas...
Posted by: ACSAPA in Movies, Music & Games - 33 minutes ago
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