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Strange Animal Sound Outside At Night

Here is a youtube video with the sound of coyotes howling . This should give you an idea of whether or not you are hearing a coyote. I am assuming that you are living in town or a populated area. If you are out in the country, you could also be hearing a cougar...

Online Work is not easy

These are all beermoney ideas.Small change that you spend on fun stuff (like beer!) The only people I know who make a living online are web developers.

Virtual Assistance Jobs Online

This is based on a conversation and I were having.Does anyone do virtual assistance online?I know a good site is ELance, but I am looking for other suggestions of sites you have used and are legit.

How to earn extra money online?

Hey Sidney I am going to create a thread that asks for various VA sites, before you try elance again let's see what the community has to say!


I know that Ebooks are a lot cheaper and that's why so many people like to buy them. I had a Kindle for a long time so that I could do that. I figured that I would like reading from a tablet and that I could save money from that. I was wrong because I hated it,...

Do you shop at a $1 store?

When I was still living in the dorms at school I would go there so that I could get food. It was just easier to get snacks there because they were so cheap. I mean you can't go wrong with snacks that are dollar. I was able to save a lot of money going there...

Wants Vs Needs?

I totally do that. When I know that I need to start saving money, then I will start deciding if I need something or it's something that I just want. Right now since it's summer I don't have a job because my last one was at my college. So, I've...

Buying In Bulk

Yes, I have to agree with you. I also wouldn't mind that, but more for workout clothing. I think that way, it would be so much better so that it would be cheaper. My parents would spend a lot on workout clothing because of the name brand clothing. So, I think...