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Chick Fil A
---Quote (Originally by gmckee1985)--- Why do let people let politics get involved in what they eat or what businesses they choose to frequent? Thats silly to me. I couldn't care less what a business owner supports. As...
Posted by: JosieP in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 26 minutes ago
2014 nba season
Any basketball fans on the forum? I'm a big fan. My favorite team is the Charlotte Hornets. Looking forward to a good season. Feel free to post links and standings from the season so far in this thread. I'll be posting...
Posted by: gmckee1985 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 46 minutes ago
Making money online
Yes, I make a good chunk of extra change monthly online. I usually earn upwards of $200 a month working online. I review music as well as do some online posting and article writing for extra cash. I think it's simple...
Posted by: gmckee1985 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 50 minutes ago
Essential websites
Can you give me some of the perks of being on pinterest? It seems a lot of people are really into the site, but I have never used it. What is the main purpose of the site? Is it similar to Facebook or something...
Posted by: gmckee1985 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 52 minutes ago
Tips on keeping track of cash?
Yeah, I definitely didn't handle money as well as I could have in my early 20's. Wish I did because I would have had a lot more money built up by now. I think there needs to be more of an emphasis on saving and...
Posted by: gmckee1985 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 55 minutes ago
Getting tired of Facebook
Can't people inform themselves though? Why do they need you preaching to them on facebook? I don't find it all that persuasive. If you are so passionate about politics you should get involved in causes you believe in...
Posted by: gmckee1985 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 57 minutes ago
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon fighting over the custody of eight dogs
Now that's what you get from celebrities of this era, NOTHING!!!! Almost everything in their lives are things that has no sense! specially when it comes to two big couple in the world of the entertainment getting...
Posted by: enell in Misc & Others - 1 hour ago
Sounds like you're a big ice cream fan. I am too, but usually only during the summer months. The rest of the year I rarely eat it. I try to avoid sweets most of the time as I like to try and stay as healthy as possible....
Posted by: gmckee1985 in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 1 hour ago
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