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Polymer Clay Handicrafts (and Other Clay Works)

I've really wanted to get into this. I have a friend who makes charms for her hair bows from Sculpey clay and they are so amazing! She uses the Sculpey tools for detailing as well and she has nothing but good things to say about it! I think I...
1 hour ago - - Misc & Others

Do You Keep Gifts You Don't Like?

If it's something that I know I won't use and it's store bought I regift. I know regifting is looked down upon by some people, but I hate throwing something away that's perfectly good. I do this a lot for things from Bath and...
1 hour ago - - Gifts & Flowers

Plus Size Clothing That's Not An Arm And A Leg? Do You Exist?

I'm tall plus sized lady and I'm finding it harder and harder to buy clothing that fits me, looks good and ISN'T $55 for a shirt. I also like to be stylish, but all all those together and I feel like I'm asking for too much...
1 hour ago - - Fashion & Apparel

Who Has Or Is Planing On Sailing On The Carnival Vista?

Is anyone planning on doing Carnival's new Mediterranean cruise?I've cruised only with Carnival cruise lines and it's been great every time. I love the price point and the food and have seem no need to use a different cruise line. I...
1 hour ago - - Travel

Let's Talk Cloth Diaper Deals!

Hello, I'm a mom of two boys and I'm cloth diaper addicted!:cool::D:pI've tried them all- pocket diapers, all-in-ones, hybrid diapers, and prefolds and covers. Right now, my big baby fits great in his velcro flips but we need more....

Walking/running With Your Dog

17 years?? That's wonderful! I have an older dog and I can't even take him on walks anymore. He's fine at first, but on the way back I'm walking at a slow pace and he still can't keep up. I swear 2 months ago it was me who...
2 hours ago - - Pets

Buy Or Get A Pet?

It makes a difference to me. Especially if its a kill shelter. When you see the pets at the pet store they are very well taken care of. Clean, lots of attention, no fleas and ticks, etc. At a shelter, though, they're just taking up space...
2 hours ago - - Pets

Does Eating At A Buffet Save Money?

: As you said, there is a lot of food wastage in a buffet. Secondly, people tend to overeat, as there are lots of varieties on offer. You would want to taste every pudding that seems alluring. However, a buffet may be cheaper than a normal course...
2 hours ago - - Food & Drink