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Which would you prefer: cutting down your diet or doing an exercise without cutting down your diet?
I definitely believe that the amount of food one consumes should be proportional to the amount of workout one does. If I were to cut down on my diet, I would most definitely cut down on my workout as well. One needs to...
Posted by: lemony in Sports & Fitness - 5 minutes ago
Rebates When Paying Bills Online
I always pay my bills online and sometimes I get rebates and gift checks in exchange for using these services. I think one of the best ones I've received is a free bucket of chicken to share with the family for an...
Posted by: lemony in Misc & Others - 9 minutes ago
New Year's Resolutions
I, preacherbob, promise at the advent of this new year to quit making resolutions that, because I do not keep them, make me lie to myself. Lying is sinful, so I will abstain from any more foolish promises. So there!
Posted by: preacherbob50 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 23 minutes ago
Does Rain Make you Depressed?
Give me a good lightning flashing thunderstorm any day of the week. I love the adrenaline rush, but there are those nice quiet rains that seem to draw romance and ease. But, I guess we can all get too much of a good...
Posted by: preacherbob50 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 26 minutes ago
Grits Or Taters
Rice! Seriously, some mornings I have grits with plenty of bacon or sausage grease and cheese, or sometimes it's taters with the same plus onions and bell peppers. Lots of cayenne either way. (Louisiana guy) ...
Posted by: preacherbob50 in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 36 minutes ago
What kind of Christmas Cookies are you baking?
We are definitely baking Gingerbread cookies, and building a Gingerbread House! I think it is perfect for bonding with family members. There are ready-made Gingerbread houses in boxes that you can build on your own....
Posted by: lemony in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
Non-stick pan
I love non-stick pans. I can cook almost anything on them, and clean them easily afterwards. When using them, I make sure to use a bit of oil so as to help cook the food faster. The oil gets heated up first and once...
Posted by: lemony in Home & Garden - 1 hour ago
Let's talk about 'color'...
I have always tried avoiding buying anything gray because this color tends to make my face look older and more tired. Neon colors do not help, either. However, I was able to discover (through a sale in one of my...
Posted by: lemony in Fashion & Apparel - 2 hours ago
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