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Salesperson - My Number One Awkward Moment

I was not an employee but a customer. Another lady went into the room to try on some items came out of the room looking strange, no clothes in her hands. A few mintues later the person that controls the people going into the rooms and the clothes went into the room...

Free Dough Brother Honey Bun-coupon

Here you go :)Valid only today.

Do You Keep a Change Jar?

I do not use a change jar, I mostly spend most of my loose change in vending machines. Some of those accept even 1 and 2 cents. I probably eat a lot more sweets/drink a lot more coffee than I should this way. If I have bigger coins, I will give them to homeless people.

Freebies and Giveaways Tips

I would also say that lying/providing false information to to get freebies does disservice to the company that is offering them, and so the company might feel less willing to make such offers in the future. There are ways to find out that you are using false...

Do you have a budget?

I have the same approach as claireisbeautiful. If something is cheaper online, I will buy it. You might want to set a budget if you know that you have a tendency to buy more than you need, but I have personally never encountered that problem. I only buy things that I...

Breadless Sandwich Suggestions?

Those tortillas sound really good, Ohio. I wonder if I can find them at regular Walmart. I'll have to check. Joan, those cuke sandwiches look good. I've also seen other "stuffed sandwiches" made with various veggies like zucchini. Some people use...

Plato's Closet

My friends all love going there to sell things because it's easier than listing, but I've always agreed with you. I brought a bunch of brand new Urban Outfitters stuff with tags on them, and they wanted to give me $25 for all of it. The bag of stuff I...

Don't Lose The $%^& Digital Converter Box For The Cable Tv

I am soooooooooooo mad at myself. I decided to save money by dropping WOW cable TV. I had a digital converter box but could not find it. In fact the first time they mailed one to me it never arrived, so it was the second box they sent that I was using. But when I...