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Hitting the desktop
My mom is the best at slamming and hitting computers and TVs until they work! Of course some times she finishes ruining them! I always try to restart the computer. It doesn't always work, but in might help with a lot....
Posted by: isabbbela in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - a few seconds ago
Best Internet Browser
I use Google Chrome as my default because it's faster than any other. Second is Opera, it's pretty snappy and I really like the interface and the last for me is Firefox. I would pick Firefox over Opera but Firefox seems...
Posted by: deathbyprayer in Software PC & Mac - 3 minutes ago
Worst customer service you've ever recieved?
Actually the worst treatment from people in official positions I've got was not from any commercial costumer service, or if I did I always ignored it because, I've said this before, Its just a 1 minute or less...
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iPhone 4s Still Worth Buying?
I wouldn't get the iPhone 4S anymore. I think it's very obsolete right now. There has been three new versions after that. Of course, if you really want to buy an iPhone instead of every other brand but has no money to...
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Frizzy Hair
My hair is pretty manageable right now, but it was really frizzy when I was younger. What are used to do is use anti-frizz products. I know it's hard because not all of them work, in fact, very few of them actually do...
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Mid-season clothing
I am at the exact opposite situation as yours. We just started to leave winter and get into spring where I live, which is in the south hemisphere. Some days it's cold, some days it's really sunny and hot over here. So...
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I'm not much of a fan of the Chromebook really but I guess I'm not one of their demographic but for a laptop that starts off with a reasonably $200 price tag I think it's pretty sweet. Of course it's not called a...
Posted by: deathbyprayer in Software PC & Mac - 8 minutes ago
Do you wear glasses?
How old are you eppie? I think it's just normal that with age we need to start wearing glasses because our eyes become tired from all the exposure to the sun, computers, TVs and so on and on. Also, we get old, so that...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Health & Beauty - 13 minutes ago
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