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Use Your Android Smartphone As A Desktop PC
It's actually possible for quite some time now, but I don't think it's too exciting. The screen is just too small to do things you couldn't do on your phone anyway. Most programs have an Android alternative nowaday...
Posted by: Navii in Software PC & Mac - 29 minutes ago
Do Your Buy All Your Stuff From One Store?
I am not a huge buyer, but if I see something I enjoy and it's all in the same store why not, it's more convenient. I also think that if we have the time, browsing around different stores will inevitably lead us to...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Misc & Others - 34 minutes ago
Harvesting potatoes
I haven't heard of that until now fanale, but the only experience I have with this is with my father-in-law and he has decades of experience, so he knows exactly when they are ready, he doesn't need to take a peek. It's...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Food & Drink - 36 minutes ago
Do you exercise during the day or at night?
I generally exercise at the evening, when I finished school, because that's the only time I'm not too tired to go for a run or something like that. In the summer it also cooled down a bit already, so I don't have to run...
Posted by: Navii in Sports & Fitness - 37 minutes ago
Retention period
Yesterday I received a phone call from my tv company offering me a discount in price, extra services in what seemed to be an awesome deal to me. I was really happy with it, but I remembered to ask, what about retention...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Digital & Web TV - 42 minutes ago em?.....hate em?
I've used some sites that rewarded you for completing surveys, but they seemed shady because they wanted so much information from me which they would've ultimately sold it to 3rd parties. Don't fall for them, even if...
Posted by: thymeless in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 45 minutes ago
Paying bills
That happens to me as well actually, they don't come all at the same time, which is a good think of course, but if I don't have money I cannot pay them and I just pile them up until the next pay check. It's not the...
Posted by: Gelsemium in Misc & Others - 45 minutes ago
Is your drink at the bar the same as your drink at home?
No, it is not. At home, I preffer to remain casual, drinking only water and apple juice, and at bars I usually mix alcohol with apple juice. It's definitely not the same thing.
Posted by: thymeless in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 46 minutes ago
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