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Google Chrome seems to have a lot of Adware problems lately.
Just recently I've been noticing a lot of pop ups in my Chrome browser that I know for a fact shouldn't be there. I've installed adblock in my browser and so far it's been a great help but just the other day I've having...
Posted by: beccagreen in Software PC & Mac - 10 minutes ago
Are those PC maintenance softwares for real?
Some of them do work actually, when I was still struggling with my old PC I tend to use those maintenance softwares to clean up my system and they do actually work. But be careful though, don't just install them willy...
Posted by: beccagreen in Software PC & Mac - 37 minutes ago
Do You Search For Local Sellers?
Nope, I never look at where the item comes from or where the seller's location is for that matter. What I always look for are the price and the shipping of the item. As long as it's cheap and offers shipping to my place...
Posted by: daimashin in Misc & Others - 40 minutes ago
Repairing instead of buying a new one?
I used to outright buy a replacement too but I realized that I've no place to dump the old one so I have resorted to have them repaired too. The difference is I don't repair it myself, instead I send the item into its...
Posted by: daimashin in Misc & Others - 45 minutes ago
What motivates you to save?
I haven't really thought about why I'm saving. I guess it's because it makes me feel more secure knowing I have more money in the bank. Perhaps, I'm also saving up in case something new that comes out that I need to...
Posted by: daimashin in Misc & Others - 49 minutes ago
I'm thinking about going no TV at all on my house. Who's on board?
I'm more or less the same as you TC since I don't even use my TV anymore. My house has a TV only because my father uses it everyday. Nowadays, I do all my stuff with the computer. I watch movies and game with my PC...
Posted by: daimashin in Phone, Internet & TV - 53 minutes ago
Do you lend family money?
Well my bro years ago when his job still sucked would always borrow money from me when he's short of cash. He pays it back because I need the money and I was still in school. I on the other hand, used to borrow money...
Posted by: sidney in Misc & Others - 59 minutes ago
Where Do You Draw The Line?
I get packs of empty Christmas cards and write a letter in each of them. It is a card and a letter and I feel like it is not only jolly and festive, but it is also personal. Plus it is fun to do I think.
Posted by: Verity Darkwaters in Seasonal & Holidays - 1 hour ago
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