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Do you buy yourself Presents?
I do, and I feel kind of bad about it sometimes, like I'm being so self centered I'm getting myself stuff too and not focusing on others like I am supposed to. I guess it's not really that bad, I mean there are really...
Posted by: DancingLady in Seasonal & Holidays - 5 minutes ago
Borrowing From Family vs Loans
In my opinion it's better to not be a proud person than being broke. Your family shall understand your needs and can give you extra time to restore your loan and they may even never expect it back, meanwhile banks...
Posted by: GenevB in Loans - 9 minutes ago
Affordable Christmas Decoratons
I think the Dollar Tree is the only place I have bought any Christmas decorations. I sure don't have much though, I'm not really into decorating at all, I just do it to keep other people from thinking I'm depressed or...
Posted by: DancingLady in Seasonal & Holidays - 11 minutes ago
Aruba - my ideal vacation spot. What is yours?
When I think of Aruba, I think of that girl who disappeared... I would just like to go to the same place my family has always gone at the coast. It's not warm, not truly sunny all that often, but it's what I grew up...
Posted by: DancingLady in Travel - 15 minutes ago
Using Paypal in restaurants and bars
Well I'm not very thrilled about this. First, you could already use your debit card in order to pay at restaurant and even some bars. This is good if you want to skip the extract tax from paypal which is around 2 euros...
Posted by: GenevB in Payment Methods - 16 minutes ago
When watching TV or Movies, what's your favorite snack/treat to eat?
I like to watch something whilst I eat. I don't like to eat anything if I am not watching something at the same time. i kind of feel like the food is a waste if I don't? Lol. Not sure why. But my snacks range from a...
Posted by: DreekLass in Food & Drink - 18 minutes ago
What was your best deal?
I've bought online a pair of dumbbells 2 years ago for about 33 dollars I believe this is a really good deal as I still use them. I even think of reselling them and maybe even make some profit if I will purchase a gym...
Posted by: GenevB in Online Shopping - 19 minutes ago
Vomiting: what to do?
When I am vomiting, I just let it happen especially when I think that it is because I ate something bad. I don't forget to keep myself hydrated by drinking oresol/oresal (oral rehydration salt). Eating after puking is...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Health & Beauty - 19 minutes ago
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