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Latest discussions on forum

By sidney 1 hour ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

Do You Have A Favorite Author?

That's a pretty tough question because I have so many favorite authors. Well, maybe I could just give you my top five favorite authors.1. J.D. Salinger2. F. Scott Fitzgerald3. Sylvia Plath4. Ernest Hemingway5. John Steinbeck

By DrRipley 1 hour ago in Misc & Others

Chinese Sellers On Ebay

Sometimes the workmanship is shoddy, but sometimes it's decent. Some don't ship well and my item got a bit crushed in transit. It was made of plastic, but it arrived deformed, to the point that the battery cover won't fit anymore....

By mifinfo 1 hour ago in Fashion & Apparel

Spring/summer New Arrival

Hello, we are taobao/alibaba shopping agent and aliexpress retailer from China.Christmas Day and New Year are approaching, we plan to offer some preferential to our old and new customers.1. service fee low to 2%, up to 8%. 2. cash back for good...

By junemoon 1 hour ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

18th Century And Early 19th Century Books

I also love reading classic novels. My favorite books would be those ones that are written by the Bronte sisters, Franz Kafka, Gustave Flaubert, and Leo Tolstoy. I am not really into Jane Austen though.

By reubhole1 1 hour ago in Shopping Discussion

What Is Worth The Expense?

I don't skimp on chocolate, pesto sauce or shoes. Chocolate, because you have to enjoy it other wise what's the point? I have had budget pesto and it was awful, I would rather have a small quantity than more of something that was bland....

By Femiluv 1 hour ago in Shopping Discussion

Do You Love Watches?

I remember that my parents used to give me watches as early as 1st grade. My mom gave me her Citizen watch when I became a teenager. Then when it ran out of battery, I didn't use it again since I already have a cellphone to tell the time. So...

By 3 1 hour ago in Sports & Fitness

Does your outfit matter when you go out to exercise?

I'd have to say, to me it matters to a certain degree. I look for comfort first and foremost, but I also have to like the stuff I'm wearing. I want it to look reasonable, not for anyone else but myself, because it makes me feel good...

By sidney 2 hours ago in Health & Beauty

Do You Shave Your Arms And Other Unwanted Hairy Areas?

I didn't know that waxing can release endorphins. I think having it waxed is similar to having a baby born in the hospital, since you will get seen naked as well, but you will get over being conscious eventually, because if you don't,...