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Latest discussions on forum

Purchasing Vegetables And Fruits Online?

I couldn't possibly do that. I don't buy processed foods, so it wouldn't be as simple as choosing a bunch of boxes for me. They would need to send me tons of fruits and veggies and I highly doubt they would know how I want them.....
28 minutes ago - - Food & Drink

Would you consider growing your own vegetables to cut down on grocery bills?

I would absolutely love to! Not for the savings (though that would be awesome), but for the health and the taste. I can't where I am right now. I don't get enough sun where I could do it, but our next place for sure! I can't wait...
30 minutes ago - - Food & Drink

Do You Like Yogurt?

Blech, it makes me all phlegmy and icky just thinking about it lol. I used to adore it, but since cutting out dairy I noticed a huge difference in many aspects. I feel so much healthier and cleaner. Plus knowing where it comes from just makes...
33 minutes ago - - Food & Drink

Quitting Starbucks

Good for you.. these places aren't healthy and going gluten free wouldn't make them healthy either. Not all that different from most things on a grocery store shelf, but the prices probably are, no? I've actually never been to...

Saving Money On Dog Food

I get the 50 lb bag of old yeller from Kroger. It's 20$ and 50lbs will go a long way. It isn't bad dog food either. I mean, you aren't going to impress your pooch as much as you would with the 50$ for a 10lb bag dog food, but we...
1 hour ago - - Pets

Walking/running With Your Dog

That's a really good reason to quit the walks! I had no idea it was airborne. Is it always airborne? Or just that strain? Now I'm adding distemper to my list of things to watch for. I'm going to have to research it. I actually...
1 hour ago - - Pets

Fleas And Tics

You could try something else too.Apple Cider Vinegar is a flea and tick repellent. Mix the apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3. One part "APC", three parts water. Spray your pet with the solution or wash it with it. That...
1 hour ago - - Pets

How Do You Avoid Being Scammed?

I've done online shopping for quite a few years, so it's easy for me to spot untrustworthy sellers. You can start off by purchasing from Amazon directly instead of independent sellers. On ebay, I usually look at seller feedback and...
1 hour ago - - Online Shopping