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Have you ever traveled first class?
Unfortunately, I never got the chance to fly first class. In fact they don't even offer it anymore from what I understand. The last time I flew was 11-21-2013. The best option was business select.
Posted by: TuRon Davis in Travel - 12 minutes ago
Can Traveling Alone Save You Cash?
Well of course it can & it will. Paying for round trip tickets for one is naturally cheaper than two. However, by car, then 2 people would be a better idea for financial reasons. Gas can be split while putting two...
Posted by: TuRon Davis in Travel - 16 minutes ago
What Is The Stupidest Thing You've Ever Regretted Buying?
Good question, I think I have too many to list. Generally my biggest regrets are extremely expensive dinners. I mean I like the experience but at the end of the day it's just food. When it comes to purchases of things I...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Misc & Others - 32 minutes ago
Your post is true, but there are different grades of cashmere and that's something to keep in mind. Personally I would recommend saving and investing in really good cashmere, but that's just because I consider it a...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Fashion & Apparel - 41 minutes ago
Books or ebooks?
For me it depends on what I am reading. Many ebooks are within the 5000 words range and I have no problems reading those but as for novels I do prefer the hard-copy. There is something to be said about the feel of an...
Posted by: allswl in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 41 minutes ago
Do you buy socks in bulk?
I usually buy packs of athletic socks in bulk because I am not too picky and just want to know I will always have a pair or two ready when I am getting ready to go to the gym. I tend to buy dress socks one pair at a...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Fashion & Apparel - 43 minutes ago
Hotel toiletries
I don't raid the cart but I will take the products with me if I don't use them. The weird thing is I usually just toss them or give them away because I don't feel like storing them, but I like knowing I have some free...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Health & Beauty - 47 minutes ago
Matte Nails- A Trend Worth Investing In?
---Quote (Originally by Bright7)--- I think matte nails look very nice. I especially like them in the fall for some reason. Sally Beauty Supply has some really nice matte top coats by Orly and OPI. I prefer to use...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Health & Beauty - 49 minutes ago
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