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By lindbergh 1 hour ago in Scams = To Good To Be True

Jobandcash scam!!!

You have to be very careful when looking for work online as there are a lot if scams out there. I always rely on the tips and advice from fellow online workers that I talk to. I have been working online for a little over a year now and feel that I...

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

If Prevention Is Better . . .

Clinical depression is a chemical imbalance that happens to some people and I am not sure there is a way to get around it without medicine unless you are able to find an herbal remedy that does the trick. As for being down in the dumps, you first...

By James1996 1 hour ago in Online Shopping

Inexpensive Chinese Items - Worth It?

I go on eBay a lot for a lot of different reasons, and one thing I tend to do is buy from Hong Kong/China. Sometimes I can get items for much, much less than they would be coming from the US, but there's also the problem of them taking months...

By barkingsquirrel 1 hour ago in Product Reviews

Thai Pei Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls

I always prefer to eat any ethnic foods in a restaurant; however, every now and then, I grocery shop on an empty stomach and find myself in the frozen food aisle, and I can't help myself.Last night, I picked up a box of Tai Pei Mini Vegetable...

By Rosyrain 1 hour ago in Loans

For People With Bad Credit

Where have you found that you can qualify for a loan if you have less than perfect credit? I am looking to do some debt consolidation, but I am having problems finding someone to approve my application. Are there any legitimate companies out...

By Zyni 1 hour ago in Seasonal & Holidays

Do you buy yourself Presents?

I do occasionally pick myself up a gift when I am out shopping for others, but I call it a treat rather than an actual gift. If I have done well with my online work or something, then I will reward myself for my hard work. What is the point of...

By Nikole 2 hours ago in Mortgage & House Payments

Need Advice On Buying A Home - Credit Score, Lenders, And More.

I just heard from my potential mortgage lender that you should never carry a credit card balance of over 50% each month. Instead of trying to pay off a single card, work toward getting them all paid down to 50% or less of your credit limit. Thus...

By Rocky 2 hours ago in Food & Drink

Stop drinking coke!!!!

Omg, the burn! I haven't had a coke/pepsi etc etc in many years until a month or so ago. I haven't had any sort of refined sugars or soft drinks or garbage foods at all and I decided to have some to see if it was anything like I...