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    Cake Supplies 4 U: Get 25% off on New Loki Loos Fantastically Fun Fondant and our Premium Piping Gel

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    Cake Supplies 4 U: Up to 30% Off on Clearance Items

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    Cake Supplies 4 U: 54% Off Cake Box 6 x 6 x 4 (5 pk)

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    Cake Supplies 4 U: 60% Off Bella Cupcake Couture Cupcake Wrappers Meisha Bird Cherry Blossom 12 pk

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    Cake Supplies 4 U: 50% Off Sweet Server Cupcake Stand

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    Cake Supplies 4 U: 10% Off Order of $100 or More. Ends 8/31/12


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