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Poor Trackpads And Keyboards

That's one reason in particular that I am a huge fan of Lenovo/IBM laptops - they have the best keyboards and track pads in my opinion. Their keyboard in particular is very nicely designed right down to the individual keys themselves, which...

Best Way To Sell Expensive Camera Equipment Online?

Several years ago I dropped a few thousand dollars on a bunch of camera equipment, a Canon Digital SLR, and a bunch of rather pricey lenses and flashes to go along with it. I was hoping to get back into photography as a hobby, but that never...

Do You Prefer Expensive Branded Or Cheap Generic Items?

It depends on what it is and the difference in price as brands don't always equate to much better quality. If it was an airbed, then I would buy a branded one as I think it's worth it, but generic items that are not long lasting are...
1 hour ago - - Home & Garden

Schweppe's Sparkling Seltzer Water

We recently got a case of this stuff by accident - actually, my folks noticed that someone left a case of it in their cart in the parking lot, so they brought it home, lol.I used to only get seltzer water at bars from their tap, or would...
1 hour ago - - Food & Drink

Saving At Restaurants

I always make it a point to save money when eating out so I usually plan out where I'll eat and have the meal that I know is in my budget range already in mind. If I'm feeling a bit extravagant, I'd search up some coupons and...
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Hello From Corzhens

Hello there, anybody home? I'm a bank employee so don't expect me to be cool, hahahaaa. But seriously, I hope to be a good contributor to this forum.

How do you receive or use your earnings from Paypal?

I would always transfer my money to my bank account. I like knowing that the money I've earned is safe in my bank account and that way I wouldn't spend it on other things I can find online. I'm easily tempted so if I know I have a...
2 hours ago - - Payment Methods