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By PunkinPie 1 hour ago in Coupons

Amazon Coupons!

That is a fantastic information, but I am not a prime member! Not sure if I want to since I don't buy that often at Amazon. My daughter has Prime so I will share with her the link to see if she can find something from there.

By ragtimeannie 1 hour ago in Coupons

Printer ink and your coupons

If you only printing coupons then I would suggest buy less of quality paper grade for that purpose. After all, you will print them, cut them, and give them to the store anyway. I just get my paper at Walmart, the mid-grade one, for such purpose,...

By Athena02 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Pcgamesupply - Steam Games

I am glad that someone else has experienced a problem like this. I thought I was the only one who had had issues like this. I have not bought a game through PCGameSupply ever since the exact same thing happened to me. I wonder what causes this.

By Heather B 1 hour ago in Product Reviews

Natural Calm Review

I am just curious, is this specific product located in any of the various GNC's that are around the US? And what is the exact amount of MSG that is contained inside of this product? Is it enough to do damage to anyone?

By reubhole1 1 hour ago in Shopping Discussion

What Is Worth The Expense?

I think vacations are worth the expense. I will still hunt for bargains, but I am willing to blow a months worth of income on a nice getaway. I feel like I work very hard and one way to get the stress of work off my shoulders and get my head right...

By Diane Lane 1 hour ago in Office Supplies

Where Is A Good Place For Cheap Printer Ink?

Thanks for posting this as I am too looking to buy quality ink cartridges for my printer soon. I will have to keep looking around until I find an affordable price or some prices that I can pay :)

By kana_marie 1 hour ago in Product Reviews

Iced Coffee Drink

I am definitely in the same boat that you are in, Phillyg. There is just something about waking up every single morning, stretching and getting out of bed, and then going downstairs to make yourself a piping hot cup of Joe that is just so...

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Gifts & Flowers

Do You Keep Gifts You Don't Like?

I wouldn't keep something I didn't like. I'd also tell them I didn't like it, not because I'm offensive, just because in my circle of friends and family that's how we all are. We can have a laugh and a joke about...