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By DrRipley 1 year ago in Misc & Others

What Do You Collect?

I used to collect comic books, but eventually I stopped buying them because it just didn't seem practical anymore because their value will presumably never really rise ever since comic book collection got very mainstream. I did manage to get...

By burdianex 1 year ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions


I feel that they would fall under this category as well, I'm talking about limited edition toys, trading cards, comics, coins etc.I've acquired a handful of these items over the years, some that I bought, others that I already owned. I...

By himalipatel 1 year ago in Gifts & Flowers

Amazing Gifts Collection for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such an exceptional day of the year for the lovers and true friends where giving a gift to each other becomes a necessity. Valentine’s Day can be deeply celebrated in the presence of the gifts. Giving the gifts to someone...

By Miaka_M 1 year ago in Movies, Music & Games

DVD collection

Okay, so I'm one of those individuals who enjoy watching a good DVD and who enjoy BUYING that good DVD. My collection is pretty large and I always have time to watch them. Most of the DVDs are Disney and usually around $20. My father is...

By DrRipley 6 months ago in Movies, Music & Games

Criterion Collection

I'm thinking of picking up some Blurays from Criterion Collection and thought I'd drop by here and hear some opinions first and hopefully maybe even some suggestions.So far, I'm looking to buy 12 Angry Men and Being John Malkovich,...

By writer811 2 years ago in Water

Is it legal to collect bottled water?

We're approaching a drought and I know in many areas people have been arrested for hoarding rainwater. I can understand that because it's not getting where it needs to go but is it ok to collect and store bottled water? It's not...

By Denis Hard 11 months ago in Misc & Others

What do you collect?

Most people collect something. This could range from collecting magazines, books, DVDs to something like stamp collection. If your collection has some value you can save money by buying the original, making a copy of it and selling the originals....

By Miaka_M 1 year ago in Health & Beauty

Nail Polish collection

I was just sitting at home one day and stared at my Nail Polish collection. I have almost every colour out there (not considering the different shades of each) then it dawned on me, how much did I spend on them? I own a lot of Sally Hansen and...