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50% Off Gold membership

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Anyone use this childcare website?

Wondered if anyone has used this site to look for a nanny? I have had my reservations about using this site now especially after reading this article. I wonder if it would be safer finding a nanny through a more well established reputable agency.
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Free Huggable Polar Bear and Pregnancy and Baby Development Advice

Isn't it amazing that pregnancy and childcare is easier than before, because of special and exclusive clubs that support moms and their baby's needs!Join Aptaclub Baby Club Today and get to experience that special treatment!When you join...
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Greetings from Kentucky!

Hi everyone! My name is Heather.I'm a 22 year old Army wife, an early childhood education major in college, and I work as a private childcare provider. I enjoy reading, writing, photography, sports and outdoor recreation. I'm a major...

Day care centers

My grandmother went to a day care center a few years ago and that was the best thing that ever happened to her. She loves the activities there because she sings, reads, bakes, I think that took years off her and the activity really made her well....
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How much should you spend on a gym membership?

I took advantage of a New Year's deal to get my gym membership for $5/month, and I negotiated to cut the initiation fee in half. However, my gym is completely no frills - it doesn't even have a locker room! I know some people pay a lot...
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Game shows

In a time when we are always trying to save some money, what about making some extra money? There are lots of game shows on TV that offer good prizes and I am considering trying some of them. Do you usually try to access those shows or is it...
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Why pay for gym membership?

There are people who pay for gym membership then for some reason they're unable to go to the gym for more than half a month maybe. If it was a one month membership you'd have wasted your money. Isn't it much better to pay as you...
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