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What was the most grose movie you ever watched?
Some movie with Samuel Jackson torturing a terrorist who'd planted a bomb somewhere. I can't quite remember the title but it definitely was a disgusting movie. Some critics called it torture-porn. The movie was so bad...
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As I hardly ever buy books at local stores [preferring to read free ebooks on the net] I did not previously know that bookstores also have reward programs. This could come in handy should I desire to buy books regularly...
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How good is your tap water?
Tap water in my area is extra clean. I'm not sure that it's safe to drink directly though which is why everyone here prefers treating their tap water themselves before using it either for cooking or drinking.
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Putting money aside
I've never tried something like that. I admit it's guarantees some savings each month but if emergencies arise you'd still have to get the money from your savings account [which beats the purpose]. To avoid that, when I...
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