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Is equipment worth the money?
You need to look at return on investment for the equipment you are buying. If you are an athlete in training it may make you money to have your own home gym. You can also resell the equipment after a few years and...
Posted by: Frogurt in Sports & Fitness - 16 minutes ago
Buying used clothes
Factory seconds are really great. You get the label and brand at a big discount. I like to buy leather jackets from factory seconds as you can get last season fashions often less than half the price which can save you...
Posted by: Frogurt in Fashion & Apparel - 19 minutes ago
Pet Insurance
How important is Pet Insurance? I'm thinking of getting some pet insurances as I'm positive that there are going to be lots of visits to the vet in the future. Has anybody got pet insurances at the moment and what is a...
Posted by: Frogurt in Other Insurance Type - 22 minutes ago
Making your own dog treats?
Has anybody tried making their own dog treats to save money? They are really expensive to buy and don't seem very healthy for them when you read the ingredients. A lot of them are really high in salt and fat which I...
Posted by: Frogurt in Pets - 27 minutes ago
Pet Pig?
Quiet often people get ripped off because they get sold regular pigs, not pot belly. That is why your friend ended up with a really big pig. Nothing wrong with big pigs but they are hard to keep as pets. Pets pigs in...
Posted by: Frogurt in Pets - 34 minutes ago
Homemade DIY pet toys
Lots of discussion about cats and toys here. They do get bored of them quickly but I find it really helpful to rotate the toys every few days when they become bored of them. Usually, I find cats have a favourite toy and...
Posted by: Frogurt in Pets - 39 minutes ago
Amazon Mturk.
I also got rejected from mturk without a reason but after looking around and reading different posts I assume it is because I'm non US. It is annoying that they don't make that clear beforehand as it would have saved...
Posted by: Frogurt in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 43 minutes ago
Do any guys here use Brylcreem ?
My dad recently used it and not only did it keep his scalp and hair healthy but it was like there was nothing in his hair at all when I patted his head. It allso gave off a pleasant smell. I use hair gel and its sticky...
Posted by: wulfman in Product Reviews - 3 hours ago
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