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Bags under the eyes

I have tried hemerhoid cream. I read that it shrinks tissue and works wonders so I gave it a shot. I know it sounds weird, but it actually worked. It lowered the swelling of the bags under my eyes and a bit of makeup covered it completely. I highly recommend it for...

Buying On And Picking Up In Store

Yes I see what you mean about it being set up annoyingly. I agree with another poster, though, in that for the most part I only shop online if I can have it shipped to me, otherwise what's the point really? That it's a bit faster in store experience?...

Salesperson - My Number One Awkward Moment

Never worked in retail but as a customer I've seen other customers do some strange, sometimes gross and disturbing things. A friend's friend tried to steal things by hiding them in her fat rolls....not even kidding. Even worse that she wasn't...

Monthly membership or daily fee?

That really depends. One way to rationalize it would be; (for example) if the gym charges $10 for a monthly fee, and $1 for a daily fee, and you find yourself going to the gym more than 10 days in a month, then I would definitely go for the monthly fee. But if you...

Real Savings With Online Shopping?

Ya i hv good experience with online shopping. In online shopping we get branded products at resonable price and we can save more while shopping.

Do your rationalize illegal downloading?

I used to download music and movies illegally (via torrents or streaming websites), but recently, with the advent of services like Spotify, I've made the change to actually paying for music. Back when I did illegally download music, I would often find myself...

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Hi! I'm currently on my 3rd year of college, and like many other college students, saving money can become quite a pain in the neck. With school fees, rent, utilities, it's rare for me to ever have enough money to spend on myself. (Haven't enjoyed a...