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I prefer food are Pizza and McDonald hamburger. I know these types of food is not good for health but, really like it these types of food.

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Whatever is on sale!As long as it's a trusted brand name.

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Surely no one women was not his desire to own a fine white skin, tension filled life is not it, go to "panacea" coconut oil helps you do it offline:- Whitening skin with coconut oil:+ Mix coconut oil, fresh lemon juice, white sugar at the rate of 2: 1: 1,...

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Yes yes and yes! Going out to walk or run clears your mind, gives you energy and makes you focus on your tasks. If you are feeling depressed, go to a park and just walk a bit. The greenery is sure to relax and calm you.

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I get emails too, they sometimes offer money off when you shop through PayPal so it's worth reading the emails they send and if you don't get them then tick the box to get them. I was offered $5 off any purchase if I bought through PayPal on any number of...

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I also use extra virgin olive oil for everything. I don't ever think to use any other oil. However, I only use it for cooking and maybe to drizzle on salads. I also like to dip bread into a mix or olive oil and soy sauce, it's divine :) I have also used...

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Sadly, I don't anymore. But when I was growing up, we used to have lots of fruit trees growing everywhere; pawpaw (papaya), oranges, mangoes, bananas, tangerines, grapes, guavas etc They do taste better, and notably sweeter. I miss those days because the only...