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Traveling by train?

I have found traveling by train across America to actually be a very very pleasant experience. It is sooooo much cheaper than air and train stations are so much more relaxed than airports. Most of the main routes now come with power points and WiFi. the seats are...

Coconut Oil

Growing up in New Zealand we used coconut oil all the time because a lot of it is made in the Pacific. I think it is generally very over-hyped. If you use it in place of harsh chemicals and trans-fats I am sure there will be a great benefit. But in the end it is...

Do You "sample Surf" As Supermarkets?

I must admit I know all the best days for getting free food samples at the local supermarkets. You can end up having a decent meal if you cruise all the stands, the only problem is resisting actually buying everything. But the odd occasion when I give in and buy...

Sugar Addiction

I definitely see this as a problem. I mean, I have got a little better over the years but I could still do with cutting down my sugar intake. With me, it's mainly in my hot beverages and my love of chocolate. When exactly I developed this love of chocolate is a...

Do you consider yourself to be frugal or cheap?

I'm not sure I'd describe myself as either, to be honest. I'm definitely FAR from being cheap. I'm probably a lot more frugal than cheap. I'd say I'm probably somewhere between frugal and extravagant, which is probably a good place to...

Not Really Needed

I'm quite like you, I love to shop and will grab many things I probably don't need. But I've learnt to ask myself can I afford it, do I need it, will I get some use out of it and do I have other items I can wear it with or will I have to buy something...

Cable TV

sadly Botswana doesn't get much rain. Certainly nowhere near enough to sustain us. When it does rain, it proper chucks it down, complete with fantastic thunder and lightening. We're grappling with an ongoing drought and it's been years! This is the one...

What Are Your Favorite "Broke" Foods?

Ah, another good option is making homemade soups. Nearly all of the things mentioned so far can go into soup as well. Beans, rice, pasta... a few little veggies or some potatoes. Soup goes a long way. You can make a bunch of it from a small amount of inexpensive...