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By ABC123 2 hours ago in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff

Toddler Shoes

My son (who is 2.5 and my 3rd child) is the only kid I've had who has been weird about shoes, and honestly, I think he just doesn't like the feeling of something new on his feet. He fights a lot every time we get new shoes. I guess I...

By JoanMcWench 2 hours ago in Food & Drink

Need Help: Beets

Omigosh.I just had my first beet of my life this year. (I'm 33.) And I completely fell in love. I've been doing all sorts of things with them.You can peel, cut them up, and toss them with olive oil and salt and pepper and roast them in...

By Denis Hard 2 hours ago in Food & Drink

How Good A Cook Are You?

I'm by no means a gourmet chef in the making, but I do fancy myself a pretty good cook. It is true, you get better with practice, and with 4 kids at home, going out to eat is not just expensive, it is work. Sometimes a celebration dinner...

By JoanMcWench 2 hours ago in Office Supplies

Office Supply Stores Going Out Of Business

Office Depot and Office Max have merged, so I won't be surprised to see them eventually shut down one or the other. Hoping it actually makes prices better all around.I have staples very close to my house and though it is expensive most of the...

By DrRipley 2 hours ago in Misc & Others

Top Rated Sellers On EBay

If the amount is below $25 I would take the risk, more than that I would not take the risk no matter how high her feedback is. Paypal gives you the security you want to keep from getting riped off. She is not the only person taking a risk.

By kjonesm1 3 hours ago in Food & Drink

Dining Coupons

My girl friend and I go out once a month to lunch or dinner when we find a coupong to a favorite restaurant. We like the buy one get one free or half price. We also try to get free drinks or reduced drinks when we can. We live on fixed incomes...

By Gelsemium 3 hours ago in Food & Drink

Eating Habits

Often I like to eat my dessert first. I eat my vegetables and then I eat what ever is on the plate. The other strange thing I do is smell the silverware. It smells like an egg I need to replace it. I always smell the silverware

By hayrake 3 hours ago in Food & Drink

Water Pitcher Filters

I have a filter pitcher that I don't use often. Our water is good and I see no need to filter the water, I can't tell the difference between filtered or unfiltered water in our house. There are some areas that I will not drink the...