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    Cool Med ID: 20% off all items, tax and shipping not included. Enter code before placing items in cart.

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      will not work and also does not have a place to put code before placing in cart and also the contact number for coolmedid only answers with a recording so not able to find out anything

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  • Receive 20% off the price of all items in your order ...

    Cool Med ID: Receive 20% off the price of all items in your order. Does not include shipping/handling, tax if applicable, previous orders, or custom orders. Expires 10/17/2010.


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  • 20% off all items ...

    Cool Med ID: 20% off all items, tax and shipping not included. Expires 12/1/08.


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    Cool Med ID: 20% off all items, tax and shipping not included. Expires 1/3/09.


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  • 20% off all items ...

    Cool Med ID: 20% off all items, tax and shipping not included. Expires 1/1/09.


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