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By H.C. Heartland 50 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Mobile Home On Your Own Land

Why not build a tiny house that is also mobile? You can get second hand ones or build them yourself for under $30K. The running costs are quite low as well and these days many companies offer ready made kits so you just need to put it together or...

By Rosyrain 56 minutes ago in Home & Garden

Low Cost Or Free Gardening Containers

I just saw a really cool on Craigslist of a person who was advertising free tires for pick up. The way they advertised them was they were painted all different colors, stacked on top of one another in a sort of pyramid fashion, and then used as...

By SweetMamaKaty 1 hour ago in Hot Deals

Asus Notebook Pc - $149.99 At Staples

I can voucher for the brand name: I have an Asus Tablet since 2012 and it is still working well for me. There were a few hick ups that I was able to fix after reading online tips. The price was very good for the little bit of trouble I've...

By kana_marie 1 hour ago in As Seen on TV

The Chopper

I have something similar to the chopper that I received as a gift. When I first looked at it, I thought there was no way it would ever be useful, but I take that back now. I use it all the time! My kids like to use it too and I feel a little more...

By Harmony Lassen 1 hour ago in Software PC & Mac

Which Laptop Is Best?

Depending on your budget an asus laptop is usually a good bang for the buck. You can get an i3 for about 300 and an i5 for about 450. And around 500gb of storage. The build isnt amazing like mac but it still should last some time. Aslo the display...

By Mattenheimer 1 hour ago in Software PC & Mac

Best Free Anti-virus?

Best imo is avast. Its free trustworthy and gets the job done you cant really ask for more than that. The free version however does leave out some options that would probably come in handy and it would be worth upgrading eventual. So far i have...

By Quaestor 1 hour ago in Movies, Music & Games

Game Discounts

I just mentioned it right above your post, I am 100% sure that it sells legit and working keys. :)Although the method of them getting the keys are not traditional, they always give working keys and will refund you if it doesn't.

By Blossom 1 hour ago in Health & Beauty

Using Only Water To Wash Face.

I've heard of some people using water only, but that just wouldn't work for me at all. I have oily skin, plus I also wear makeup when I'm out and about. If you want a gentle cleanser that doesn't contain any harsh ingredients,...