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share us the most creative design earrings rings or necklace you had!

Hello Everyone! ;)have you ever got something that's very creative design? or surprised you with big joy? like earring, rings, necklace or something else. anything interesting or funny are welcome ! :p

Affordable Creative Mac workstation

Okay here we go, now lThen you think, to do this? NO! Remember that the POWER MAC dual processor g5 a few years ago, was just as expensive as that killer intel version of today, and it also ran about 1,500 to 2,000 bucks. A lot of us home-based pros, for music and...

Getting creative with leftovers

We all have leftovers, just sometimes we don't know how to apply them. If you don't have ideas on the head just google and something will pop up. For example, did you know you can do pancakes or soup with mashed potatoes leftovers?

Unique Or Creative Candy For Valentine's Day?

Aside from the generic or run of the mill chocolate options that I see out in the stores now, do you have a favorite or unique candy that would make a good Valentine's Day treat? Personally my favorite that I've given (and tasted, yum!) was hot chili...

Adobe CS6 vs. Creative Cloud

For Photoshop fans, I've noticed that Adobe's decision to go strictly to a monthly subscription service has been met with some serious disdain. I'm with those who say that Adobe got pretty greedy on this one---Photoshop was overpriced to begin with,...

Creative Things you've Cokked To Save Money

I remember one time when I was a young mother and broke. One week the only meat we had in the house was a large bulk pack of hot dogs, so I got creative that week and made hot dog fried rice, hot dog teriyaki and hot dog tempura. I also used finely chopped hot dogs...

Creative Soundblaster Tactic 3D Sigma - $39.99 - Amazon

Currently the "Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma USB Gaming Headset" is on sale at Amazon for $39.99, which is 50% off the normal price. As of posting there are 14 left in stock (more on the way), with no expiration date listed. The headset is also...

Let's Talk About Creative Car Repairs...

We've all heard that duct tape is a wonderful thing. Well it came in handy for us a couple of days ago. The window to our Jeep decided to go down by itself...very slowly. No matter what we tried (pushing buttons, checking fuses, even taking it to Autozone) it...