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Latest discussions on forum

By kana_marie 9 minutes ago in Misc & Others

Paper Or Plastic?

When you go shopping how conscientious are you when regarding buying green products? Are you only concerned about certain products being green? Or do you go out of your way to buy as many green products as possible?

By Rosyrain 13 minutes ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions

Focus Groups And Market Research

I did a focus group back in December and actually enjoyed it very much. Not only did we discuss a popular brand, everything from taste to price to nutrition, but we also were able to try samples of existing and possible future products. The focus...

By Colebra 45 minutes ago in Movies, Music & Games

What Are The Best Games To Play At A Party?

Depends on the people, I guess. Whenever we throw a party, we have a lot of fans of fighting games around, so we just play some bad fighting games or comedy value. Cards Against Humanity, as mentioned, are also always a fun choice. And Jackbox...

By briancox2020 55 minutes ago in Contests & Sweepstakes

Help! Regarding Websites that give free Gift Cards for completing surveys, contests

I dont do PTC because I find that they dont pay me enough for my time, but something I do (because I'm always researching things online) is. I love it. I earn points for doing something Im going to do anyway. I used it mostly for Toys R Us...

By Strykstar 59 minutes ago in Seasonal & Holidays

Wrapping paper

It all depends. For Bdays I usually use gift bags since they're easier and less expensive and I know the receiver will end up reusing it (so it's a gift with a gift;)). BUT, for Holidays I use wrapping paper. I store it well where it...

By 3 1 hour ago in Sports & Fitness

Does your outfit matter when you go out to exercise?

Mostly the same rule that applies to my everyday wear: I MUST BE COMFORTABLE FOR WHATEVER I AM DOING. Obviously, this rules jeans and a tank top out, but anything I can freely move it and won't get in the way. Like someone else mentioned, I...

By PunkinPie 1 hour ago in Movies, Music & Games

How Do You Save At The Movies?

I'm "lucky" that our movie ticket prices arent as high as in other places but we cant afford to go all the time anyway. BUT, some movies are AWESOME to watch on the big screen instead of the small one so we make an effort to go to...

By CSomm 1 hour ago in Loans

Taking out a loan to improve your credit score

You want to have a couple of different types of accounts on your credit, so maybe get a loan to pay off most of the debt and then keep one of your credit cards as is and male the payments on it as required. The key is to make sure all payments are...