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By 3 10 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Effect On Beer On You?

Absolutely haha yes. Acid.. some of the deepest, most beautiful, mind blowing revelations.. wake up and it's like WTF IS THIS??? hahahaha. So funny.. it made so much sense at the time and you really feel like you found all the answers,...

By SweetMamaKaty 18 minutes ago in Freebies and Giveaways

Get $15 Worth Of Gently Used Clothing Free + Free Shipping!

I am bumping this thread because shipping is again free, making it possible to get $15 of clothing without having to pay a cent. I was happy with my order last time around, and I hope more people take advantage of this great deal! The focus on...

By DrRipley 28 minutes ago in Misc & Others

Chinese Sellers On Ebay

I'm hoping to get a few products from China by means of Ebay and I'm wondering if there are some things I should look out for so I'm hoping to get some advice from anyone here who has had some experience buying from them. Most of...

By DancingLady 31 minutes ago in Travel


A place I used to work was absolutely obsessed with their Tripadvisor rating, like literally to the point that they were afraid if they got one bad review, it would start a snowball effect and ruin them. Do people really think of the reviews on...

By S.O. Price 37 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Confession Time! What Are Some Of The Crazy Things You Have Done To Save Money?

I saved an entire huge bag of slightly used bars of soap when I worked at a bed and breakfast and used them to wash my clothes. I have also removed the glass from ceiling light fixtures so I could use only one bare bulb instead of two covered...

By hayrake 41 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Water Pitcher Filters

My favorite is Zero water, but I do NOT recommend it for you if you have very hard water. I live in the city and have very soft water. I use it to remove the chlorine primarily. It makes the water taste kind of like rain water it's so...

By Sunshine 44 minutes ago in Savings & Investments Plans

Should Kids Or Parents Pay For College?

Parents should definitely pay for college in my opinion. I don't think people who couldn't afford to send their kids to school should be having kids in the first place. As for the lessons they get from working hard, personally, I think...

By 3 46 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Is It Safe To Eat The Egg Raw?

It is totally fine as long as you are getting good quality eggs. Salmonella contamination comes from sick chickens. Chickens are more likely to be sick if they are not given good feed. Cheaper eggs are probably not the best to use for eating...