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Professional Teeth Whitening at a fraction of the cost of going to the dentist. Our clients make their own teeth impressions at home. It is fast and easy to do. They then send the impression to our dental lab where a custom-fitted bleaching tray is manufactured. This is the same bleaching tray that our lab manufactures for dentists. All systems include 22% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel that is guaranteed fresh and has no added fillers. Many of our customers already have their bleaching tr



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Can Pets Help Losses?
They absolutely can. I had a cat that helped me through a breakup that really had my heart hurting. I know it's not as severe as someone passing away, but I still felt a sense of loss. The cat was always there for me,...
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Alice: Madness Returns Complete (+Original Alice +DLC) for $5
Many people haven't heard of the first Alice or its sequel and that's a shame, because they're both awesome titles. They're third person action adventures, offering a somewhat macabre alternate story to Alice in...
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Grand Theft Auto IV Complete for $4.5 (Amazon)
Grand Theft Auto doesn't need an introduction. And I don't need to write anything apart from the combination "GTA IV" and "$4.5" for you to run and grab it...
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If you had all fast food spots available, where would you go?
I was actually a really big fan of Checkers when I lived in New York. It seemed as though I always had one within walking distance. I was also quite fond of Burger King as well. Nowadays I live pretty close to a Wendy's...
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Battlefield 4 for five bucks!
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Precious Metals as Currency
Until 1933, the US government backed all its money with gold. A person could take a $10 bill to the bank and exchange it for $10 worth of gold. Since the Federal Reserve has taken over the nation's banking, the US...
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All New Movies Suck
@Lushala For this - non scary thrillers - you can *also* blame Hollywood :-) You see, when CGI effects got cheap, we started seeing more and more "thrillers" that utilized them to create "scary monsters". But, to our...
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Favorite Peanut Butter Brand
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