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What is your favorite machine at the gym?
I love the elliptical machine and also the treadmill for running! I'm not much into weights, I only do them to tone up when I have to, so I could never say a weight machine is my favorite, because using them is...
Posted by: isabbbela in Sports & Fitness - 16 minutes ago
What is your top priority when buying a vehicle?
To me it's the overall value. I need a car that is affordable to me, but that is also comfortable, pleasant to drive and economic in terms of fuel, maintenance and parts. I've had a Chevrolet for 7 years now, and it's...
Posted by: isabbbela in Auto & Moto - 36 minutes ago
Gas Stations - High prices
---Quote (Originally by LindaKay)--- I definitely don't buy things at gas stations, at least if I can help it. The prices are exorbitant, even on a soda or something! If I'm in a hurry or too lazy to go to the grocery...
Posted by: micah13 in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 1 hour ago
What Do You Use PayPal For?
Never had any problems with Paypal myself, they've always been good to me, and even have payed for things I couldn't afford at the time, but I was able to get the money back to them fairly quickly. It's just a handy...
Posted by: Livvy in Payment Methods - 1 hour ago
Do You Use Coupons or Shop on Sale?
Since I'm in the UK, I rarely get coupons, only when I shop at certain places, and even then they're not the best of deals really. It's like, oh hey if you buy this thing, you'll get two pence off. But you can only use...
Posted by: Livvy in Food & Drink - 1 hour ago
Amazon or eBay?
---Quote (Originally by Thejamal)--- Because I have free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime, I pretty much exclusively use Amazon. Really, the only time I use Ebay is if I'm looking for an item I can't find on Amazon. ...
Posted by: Livvy in Online Shopping - 1 hour ago
Should I Switch to a Credit Union?
I'd say sure, open up an account with a credit union, but use it as a secondary account to put some money into. In otherwords, use it as a savings account. You won't get much from it, and it'll be slow, but depending...
Posted by: Livvy in Loans - 1 hour ago
Are Student Loans Worth It?
I'd say that yes, they are worth it. I mean, if you want to go to university, then there sadly isn't many other options than taking out a student loan. I mean, they're bad yes, because you have to pay them back, but...
Posted by: Livvy in Loans - 1 hour ago
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