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By 3 26 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Is It Safe To Eat The Egg Raw?

Some people can stomach them, but as I have a delicate digestive system I wouldn't risk it. I always make sure when my eggs are cooked, they are done properly. Even if a fried egg isn't cooked properly I am uneasy eating them or if...

By pafjlh 45 minutes ago in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks

Should Down Time Be Deducted From Phone Bill?

Yes! It should. If you take the time to call your provider and make the complaint, asking that the downtime be deducted from the bill they will do it. Of course, the time it takes can be considerable, so you have to decide if it is worth the...

By pwarbi 51 minutes ago in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks

Theyre All The Same?

Is it just me that has problems with mobile providers?I think through the years I must have been with every company and I have to say the customer service, either over the phone or on line is an absolute joke! Its like they the ain there staff in...

By katharinemae 56 minutes ago in Health & Beauty

Beauty product you can't live without

I can't live without my coconut shampoo. My hair is pretty important to me, I wash it often , especially if I have to go out. If I don't wash it , after 2 or three days it looks terrible. This shampoo smells incredible and I don't...

By Gelsemium 58 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Sweet potatoes

I've fried sweet potatoes and eaten them just like russets. They are really very good that way. I've never even considered making them into a potato salad, though. That sounds interesting. I imagine they are good that way, and certainly...

By Sunshine 1 hour ago in Savings & Investments Plans

Should Kids Or Parents Pay For College?

I wasn't able to pay for my youngest son's college education and he was well aware of that. So he was bright enough to look out for scholarships and grants himself and professors also signed him up for other grants for him to continue...

By Diane Lane 1 hour ago in Office Supplies

Where Is A Good Place For Cheap Printer Ink?

There are always choices, you can refill them or buy the remanufactured cartridges. You an try online through because they have cashback and coupons you can use, so that's the best way to save money. Otherwise I have bought some from CVS...

By ohiotom76 1 hour ago in Freebies and Giveaways

Easy way to get $10 dollars at HappyMinerCoupon

I'm trying this now. Hopefully I get the 10 dollars after I followed the instructions.