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Betting online
---Quote (Originally by Gelsemium)--- Ouch, so that is a serious addiction Nick, losing the house is pretty much as far as one can go gambling. I think the stock market might be different, but I do get the point,...
Posted by: Nickchick in Software PC & Mac - 8 minutes ago
What do you listen to?
I listen to all sorts of music. Generally I listen to Electronia (Dubstep, Electro, DnB, Trap and the like). My favourite channels to get music (on YouTube) are Monstercat, Trap and Bass, MA Dubstep and MA Electronic....
Posted by: Sly14Cat in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 9 minutes ago
Does anyone get kinda depressed/lost about Twitter
Eh, I tried Twitter but I never really found any joy in it. I don't like the idea of blogging about my life, and although some are able to rack up 100 tweets a day, I have trouble managing 10. To each their own I guess,...
Posted by: Sly14Cat in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 11 minutes ago
How do you make money online?
I've been able to find two ways that have been able to make me any money at all. The first website is called SliceThePie, and I use it for making small amounts of money, and I can make about $5-10 a week if I do it...
Posted by: Sly14Cat in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 13 minutes ago
If you have a cat, how often do clean out their litter box?
I have two cats. I have to clean their litter box twice a day as they get a bit messy. They are small cats too, and they eat a good amount. If you don't clean it out often enough, or if you put the food too close to it,...
Posted by: Sly14Cat in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 15 minutes ago
Do you bundle your services?
I do bundling. If it's a good company, then you can save a bit by bundling. If you save $7 a month by bundling over the however many years you spend with them, you can save hundreds over the long run. Even though it...
Posted by: Sly14Cat in Phone, Internet & TV - 17 minutes ago
Health concerns!
Yeah I have never heard of this but it sounds incredibly stupid. I would take it further and say if they really cared about your health, they'd put more regulations in food. Many people don't eat healthy because it's...
Posted by: Nickchick in Health & Beauty - 18 minutes ago
Apple Devices Are Not Overrated
Yeah I've never had a problem with IDevices except for the time that I apparently broke my Ipod from slightly sticky hands. However, I'm sure that's easily the case with any touch screen device. I'm just never sure...
Posted by: Nickchick in Product Reviews - 24 minutes ago
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