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Get a last minute gift for your favorite grad! Today through May 7 Boatman Geller, Lilly Pulitzer, and Jonathan Adler is 20% Use code --

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Save 50% Off

50% off sale on all bows!!! Use code . If only purchasing bows you can choose "free shipping" during checkout!

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We did without cable for about 2 years. I was fine with not cable just using Netflix and Hulu. To get a better internet speed my daughter signed up for cable. It's ok but I don't have to pay the bill, I pay for Netflix and Hulu.

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I have not started to shop online but I am getting close, I would only do it to save time. Taking the bus to the Mall can take 2-3 hours out of my busy day. That is time I do not have to use riding the bus or waiting for the bus that comes once every hour.

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I have not seen this brand in my local store. Are they available through out the US or just on one coast? I do like smoothies but would not want to pay $3 for one that may not be all natural. I can make my own for half that price.