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Natural Dog Food

I only feed my dog natural dog foods. So far I've tried 2 brands but I can't settle on a brand.Wellness Dog Food: About 55$ a bag, good ingredients, leaves my dog's coat shiny, and my dog seems to enjoy it.Innova: About 60$ a bag,...

By Sarah C. 2 years ago in Pets

Dog Food

I have shopped and compared dog food prices from online, to pet stores to grocery stores. I have to say that Walmart has the best prices by far. They also carry quality lines like Iams. So, if you are in need of knowing where the best prces on dog...

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Destructive Dog

My Cavalier is 9 months old, and I feel like he's been more destructive than ever. Right after I got him he wouldn't destroy anything at my house. He would chew on an eventual shoe I happened to leave on the floor, chew on his toys and...

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Natural Carpet-cleaning Products

Do you use natural (chemical free) cleaning products, and are you willing to spend more in order to use them? Do they work as well as chemical products?I do prefer natural cleaning products, however, I have not found a natural product that works...

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Are dogs afraid of horses?

Hello! Yesterday I was walking my dog around our neighborhood, and just when I was about to go back to my condo a wagon led by a horse passed by. It's definitely not usual for horses to be around like that, as I live in a very much urban...

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Organic dog food?

Do any of you have recommendations for a good organic dog food that your dogs love? We purchase Fromm's dog food in Texas from Natural Pawz, but it is pretty expensive. I'd like to be able to save some money on organic dog food, but my...

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Cleaning my dogs Teeth

I have a small dog. She weighs only about 7 pounds. She is a very nice dog. She is very playful and she eats quite regularly, like a happy healthy dog is supposed to do. I have one main problem with her though. She just will not ever allow me to...

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Dog Growling when eating

My rottwieler never used to growl when you went near him when he is eating, but recently he has started. He doesn't go to bite or anything, but he does growl when you start walking towards him and growls enough that he starts to choke on his...