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No No - Has Anyone Tried It?

It does sound like it's more No Go than No No doesn't it! We're probably better off just sticking to our razors. Maybe there'll never really be a permanent solution on the market - after all, hair removal is a muti-million dollar industry and once...

Virtual Assistance Jobs Online

I wouldn't mind doing this on a part-time basis for someone, say so many hours a day or so many days a week as you can then fit it around and organize things. Unfortunately many of these agencies as the middle man promote VA jobs as one offs, and these...

Does Anyone Write Checks?

I can't even remember the last time I wrote or used a check - in fact come to think of it it must be at least 12 years - aswhere I now live, paying by check is not a normally accepted form of payment and would be refused - as the only accepted form of payment...

Hot Topic

This sounds like an interesting store, but I never heard of it until now. I'm guessing it's probably a North American chain store. We don't have it in the UK. -and anyway, it sounds like it's probably geared towards a much younger audience than me...

Cooking With Alcohol?

I am not a fan of using alcohol in my cooking, I just don't like the overpowering smell of it in food. Even when I'm eating out, if I see that a dish contains some alcohol, I avoid it like the plague. But someone who's a really good cook told me that...

Do You Maintain Your Home Appliances?

You know, I never think of maintaining any of my electronic appliances beyond giving them a thorough clean. We too use ours until they break down, at which point we just replace them. I just wouldn't want to mess around with them.

Skin Tag Remover

I'm glad to hear mine is not a method unique to me LOL But I just discovered another method. I have a lady who threads my eyebrows who also burns off skins tags, warts and moles in her salon. She does it with this electronically charged needle. I've never...

Would Using Baking Soda As Toothpaste Actually Save You Money?

I too would agree that diet or rather what you put into your body plays a more important role in looking after your teeth and gums than the fluoride in toothpaste.In fact as there are a large number of the older generation where I live - who have only ever eaten...