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Insoles. Heel Cups. Pads. Shoes. Variety of Foot Products. Use discount code to get 20% off any order over $10
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Store Brand Yogurts

As the majority of store brand yogurts generally contain a whole load of extra additives - such as sweeteners, fillers, thickeners, preservatives along with artificial colors and flavors - this is one food item where I will always buy a named brand.In fact - although...


I avoid using Groupon primarily because as a business, I think they do more damage than good. They have caused some small businesses to close down because they gave away so much stuff via their Groupon promotions, lost money, and barely got any return customers out...


I used to like Seattle's Best until they got bought out by Starbucks - they're basically the exact same coffee as Starbucks now, which I was never crazy about to begin with. I switched over to Caribou Coffee a few years ago, when one opened up near me, and...

Why Is It Hard To Stay Eating Healthy?

I used to think it was hard.Then I did some travelling. So many people only get to eat rice and beans all day.When I ask them how they eat the same thing day in and day out, they said they are just happy to have a meal.Changed my whole paradigm on the subject....

Do You Remember When Mtv Was About Music?

Remember their first video ever? Video Killed the Radio Star! :)This is the intro.. the play list of first videos follows.

Coupons For Local Restaurants

Well in all fairness, they have to be of some benefit to the wait staff too. I don't think any restaurant would want a bunch of people flooding in with coupons, only to take up all the tables and spend next to nothing. The servers would basically be working for...

Free Windows 10 Upgrade.

I expect the worst from anything "essential" on my computer lol. So I may not have known about these updates, but I already believe everything is invasive. I do what I can.. which isn't much :/

Buying An Ice Cream Maker Or Just Buying Ice Cream In Stores?

I wouldn't bother with them personally, my friends have purchased them over the years and after one or two times of making ice cream they ended up on the shelf collecting dust. One of the big problems is that it ends up costing more to make the ice cream home...