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By Kaylah 51 minutes ago in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions

What is the weather like where you live right now?

I am in North Alabama and it is a beautiful day here. It is a bit chilly with a cold breeze, but the sun is shining and we have beautiful, fluffy white clouds. It is only 45, but last week we were in the low 80' and high 70's. That is...

By Rosyrain 51 minutes ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Home Goods Store

I have only been to Home Goods one time, but they had such a wide variety of stuff for the home. Their prices did not seem to bad, either, but I noticed some of the merchandise you had to check very carefully. I almost bought a throw pillow but...

By 3 52 minutes ago in Sports & Fitness

Would You Rather Have One Sport And Focus At It, Or More?

If you enjoy multiple sports, then, by all means, go ahead and partake in all of them. It doesn't matter unless you're playing competitively in which case it's a better idea to focus on one sport. I play a few different sports...

By Gelsemium 54 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Sweet potatoes

I have fried them too, also used them to make hash. I just love seet potatoes. My ex mother in law used to make the best sweet potato casserole. Try as I might, I have never been able to duplicate it. She put a wonderful crust using pecans and...

By 3 56 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Effect On Beer On You?

I am looking at this from another angle, we know most of the effects beer will have on the body when consumed to excess, weight gain, intoxication etc. Beer consumed in the right way however can have some useful health benefits. Beer contains beta...

By ReadWriteLearnLove 1 hour ago in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints

Amazon Same Day Shipping

I would love to take advantage of a grocery delivery service; hopefully if the same-day shipping service is successful in this area Amazon will consider expanding their grocery service here too.

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Misc & Others

Ever Bought Something . . .

I don't believe I have. I try not to waste things so I only purchase what I know I will use. The only thing I can think of is maybe food. There have been a few instances where I took a taste and didn't want anymore. In fact recently I...

By Denis Hard 1 hour ago in Pets

Any Cons Of Pet-keeping?

I can honestly say I have never regretted getting any of my pets except for one because she grew up to be too big and hard to handle and something happened to her.There are cons to having a pet sure but all the negatives are worth it to me.