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By MrsJones 52 minutes ago in Auto & Moto

How Often Do You Get New License Plates?

Where I live once you by a car you get new license plates and as long as you have the car the plates stay with you. Once you decide to get rid of your car your plate can never be used again. You cannot pass you plates on to the buyer.

By MrsJones 56 minutes ago in Auto & Moto

How do you like your vehicle cleaned?

I usually take it to the detail shop a couple of times for the year. I normally wash my vehicle myself but due to the fact that i do not have certain equipment and solutions there are some things I cannot do myself.

By MrsJones 58 minutes ago in Auto & Moto

What do you think about keyless entry?

Keyless entry systems are electronic in nature and as such are prone to go bad at any time and more often. When they go bad its worse than your battery going dead at any time. I would not by a car that has one at all.

By worldmachine 1 hour ago in Auto & Moto

Classic Cars

That's why they are called classic cars. the newer cars are lighter much more aerodynamic (which is what I think governs most of the current car designs). Also some systems in the car are new and many of the old systems have been done away...

By EditorsRHumansToo! 1 hour ago in Auto & Moto

Choose Your Mechanic

These days motor vehicles are all or at least for the most part computerised. So any mechanic that does not have training in this will be at a disadvantage with these newer vehicles. The older vehicles will require someone who is an hands on...

By JoanMcWench 1 hour ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Is anyone aware of a good place to purchase 'retro' games/console?

Pretty much places like eBay and Amazon can offer an endless supply of bargain deals and with most sellers offering discounted shipping and free shipping, you don't even have to say no. Also its worth mentioning if you aren't into all...

By Patryk9595 1 hour ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Are Ssd Drives Worth Buying?

Yes, buying an SSD can make make a computer five years old feel like you just bought it yesterday and with the prices constantly dropping I highly suggest it . The only downside is the installation on some models like a mac for example are...

By kjonesm1 1 hour ago in Mobile Apps & Games

Paying For Apps

i have only payed for apps back in the day when it was more common since development for mobile applications were starting. Your probably willing to dish out some money if that app have a special interest that will only be present to you and can...