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Doing the laundry
Ok, so we don't hand wash. We have washers and dryers in our unit that we have to pay to use, but I think it's worth the $12-18 a month to use the machines and not hand wash. Even if money is tight, I could find some...
Posted by: nwitt in Home & Garden - 12 minutes ago
How Often Do You Invest in a New Phone?
I'm curious how often everyone invests in a new phone? I would say that every 2-3 years, I upgrade my phone. I now have the iPhone 5 and plan to have it for another year or so. It works great for my needs and I think...
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Do You Tip Enough?
---Quote (Originally by Eagle910)--- I have to agree with this. I think it is ridiculous too. I work hard for my money, why should i give it away to someone. I do not get tips for working hard at my job. Why should...
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Health concerns!
That's actually kind of awesome. I am from America and we don't do that but there are a lot of health and weight issues here and many people don't think twice about eating junk food all the time.
Posted by: nwitt in Health & Beauty - 24 minutes ago
Would you take a year off?
---Quote (Originally by Denis Hard)--- You guys shouldn't simply wish for something and leave it at that. You don't have to travel the world now. There's always a future and maybe better days. Just make it your goal...
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Do You Use Coupons or Shop on Sale?
I am curious how many people here use coupons. I have watched Extreme Couponers and have heard crazy awesome stories about people who are able to save hundreds or thousands. Some moms especially do couponing so that...
Posted by: nwitt in Food & Drink - 27 minutes ago
Best pet for a small flat.
When I grew up my parents had a husky. Lots of fun and good times were had but he grew old, and like all living things, died. Now I live in flat so a cat was the best option. She's cheaper to feed and her size is...
Posted by: prettycolors in Pets - 1 hour ago
Libraries have changed
Been a while since I went into a library, and I have to agree, they are something different now. They serve tea and offer reading space where you can browse a few books or the internet and theater is played from time to...
Posted by: prettycolors in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 2 hours ago
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