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Grooming The Dogs

I used to bring our poodle to the grooming salon a lot. Aside from being too expensive, I also found out that some of the groomers do not really take care of the animals. Some can be too harsh on them! Anyway, before I migrated to another country, I started grooming...

Online Pet Food Stores

Hey! I am currently in the US, and my cats are in another country. I was wondering if anyone here is under the same situation. I want to know if you have any knowledge of an online pet store that ships pet food internationally. I know that Amazon or eBay can, but...

Paypal Options In Countries Where You Can't Link Paypal To Your Bank Account

, You're welcome, I know they can sell their funds in those payment processors, and their local seller deposits the money to their bank account. In my country (Philippines) there is a similar service and that's how I encashed my Liberty Reserve funds.

Do You "sample Surf" As Supermarkets?

Friday is sample day at the local Wegman's. You can go to the store on Friday and stop at all the samples along the way and have a good time sampling all the good things. I have experienced some different and interesting foods by surfing all the samples.

Books or eBooks

E-books by a long-shot. I love reading the hard-copy of a book as anyone, but I also love having access to my entire library in a much more compact way. I had stopped reading for awhile and once I got my Kindle, my love of reading came back almost instantly. I...

Desperate To Save Some Money?

It would be an absolute last resort to get rid of my pet to save a few bucks and even then, how much money would you really save? Assuming your pet is healthy, you basically are paying for food, which is a relatively cheap cost. If saving $50-$100 a month on pet food...

The most fashionable piece of clothing you owned

If shoes count, then my pair of KD8's would be my most fashionable piece of clothing. I have pretty good control on my spending on clothes, except when it comes to shoes. I don't buy a ton of pairs like some people, but when I do go buy a new pair, I get...

Good Prices On Dress Clothes?

Appreciate the advice all! I haven't heard of RetailmeNot, but I'll definitely be take a look at it. So its not actually a store, but it links you to other stores correct? Marshalls isn't a store I've gone to yet, but it sounds like they'll...