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Have You Ever Had A Problem With Ebay?

I've had a few issues. The listings can be confusing and some buyers make silly bids which you have to answer. I used to do rather than a starting bid because some bids were not even worth the time to respond.Most sellers have been fine, I had one that was...

Does Anyone Ever Buy Music?

Yeah I'm the same way. I'm pretty loyal so I try to buy from that artist when I can even if I could download it on my phone for free. But I'm pretty indifferent about a lot of the artists I listen to and am more of a random song person so it...

A Note On The Windows 10 Launch

Yeah I still haven't got mine and it's making me nervous because I hope I don't lose any of my files by upgrading (yes I know you should always backup in cases like this. it's just a pain in the butt)It'd be nice if they could tell us a date.

Gifts That Will Save The Recipient Money?

I love to receive vouchers for the grocery store I usually use. To me, they are as good as cash so are always welcome. I'd always choose something practical like this as a Christmas or birthday gift any time.

What Will You Pay More For?

I'll happily pay more for washing up liquid and laundry detergent. I find that the cheaper brands of these just don't offer enough cleaning power. I don't skimp on coffee either.


There's never any harm in asking for a discount at the store. The worst thing that could possibly happen is that they say "no". If you don't ask, you don't get!

Do you use a screen guard for your phone or tablet?

I've tried using screen protectors before but always found they quickly started looking scruffy. Now, I don't bother at all. I'll pop my phone into a case if it's going in my handbag but apart from that, I don't take any protective measures.