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Latest discussions on forum

By ImariFutari 24 minutes ago in Online Shopping

Do You Buy From China?

I have definitely considered it. Being very careful with what I do online, when I see a really quality item for a really cheap price I get concerned. If it looks too good to be true it probably is. Most of the things we buy are made in China...

By MrWriter 27 minutes ago in Online Shopping

Where do you usually buy stuff online and what is your feedback?

I have never had any problems with Amazon. It has a huge range of products, so you are highly unlikely to not find what you want. Also, shipping is relatively cheap, if not free (when you make a semi-large order). I feel as if my information is...

By Adeal4u 31 minutes ago in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks

Do You Use Your Mobile Phone to Order Stuff Online?

With all the phone leaks and stories about phones being insecure, I am not very comfortable with putting important information into my phone. I realize nothing is completely secure, but I feel as if phones are more of a target than actual...

By rightct 35 minutes ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

Do You Regularly Use Your Phone Camera?

I don't take pictures too often, so a good camera on my smartphone isn't very important. Although, lately I rarely see a camera other than a smartphone camera being used. Some people just buy a phone to have easy access to a mediocre...

By Denis Hard 42 minutes ago in Health & Beauty

If Prevention Is Better . . .

I seriously wish this was the case - I've tried every trick in the book to try and do without medication but it's just not happening. So I would say that I take medication in order to avoid becoming depressed.

By lizzief79 47 minutes ago in Gifts & Flowers

Handmade Gifts

Effort is the best gift to receive. Yes, D.I.Y gift is one of the most precious gifts we can received though it's not that expensive but there is a given effort. Doing such effort is what makes it special.

By ExpertAdvice 54 minutes ago in Gifts & Flowers

First Year Wedding Anniversary?

We are planning ahead to our First Year Wedding Anniversary as what you were talking the limited budget we have also. We're planning to spend just the two of us a simple dinner. We love going to a overview site at night watching stars,...