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Latest discussions on forum

African Black Soap

I love African Black Soap. I haven't used it in a while, I keep things extra simple now, but I did enjoy it. If you ever switch brands for whatever reason, just watch out for dyes etc.. some aren't the real deal.

What Do You Think About Those Walk In Bathtubs That Are Advertised?

They look wonderful for those unable to safely step into a standard tub, but I really wonder how long the seal is really going to last. It seems like something that would become a liability in a couple of years, because if it broke, it could be a huge flooding...

Do you like shopping at the Salvation Army or Goodwil?

I love it. Always the first place I go. I really can't stand the idea of paying more than thrift store prices for clothes. They are just outrageously expensive. I like that thrift stores carry things that are older as well because I rarely like the current...

Have You Ever Bought Used Tires For Your Vehicle?

It is so important to have good tires on your car that you want to get the best you can if you do purchase used tires. I have purchased used tires when my money was tight and I needed to replace a tire or not drive the car to avoid injury to myself or someone else....

Does Comcast Seem Really Expensive?

I did not have cable for a long time and will not have it when I move into my own place. My daughter just installed cable to upgrade the internet that we have. To me it is too expensive. I am fine using Netflix, Hulu and will be looking into the Sling Tv that is...

Metro Pcs Charges

I turn m phone off and on also and get that message that I will have to pay more than the monthly bill but when I go to pay the bill it is only the one month to turn it back on, but don't let it do more than two months or you will have to get a new phone number....

One Downside To Prepaid Wireless Service

I am aware that the speed is reduced but I thought it was reduced after you have used a certain amount of data. I have MetroPcs which I am not happy with. I keep getting a not on registered network message when I try to make calls. My daughter is on a contract...

Movies Showing Now

I aso so plan to see the new Mission Impossible film. I have been a fan of the Mission Impossible story line since it started many years ago. I don't do to the movies often, I usually wait until they are on dvd but I will see this one in the theather to get...