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Are Hot wheels dangerous?
I don't think so that Hot wheels toys are dangerous for kids, every kid like to play and these toys only for 3+ year old children.
Posted by: Elisa10 in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 1 hour ago
What Do You Think of Internet-Traffic-Exchanges? (No Join-Links ;-) )
I didn't know that traffic exchanges were still around. I heard about them when I first starting studying internet marketing. Most of the people who are on traffic exchanges are looking for traffic themselves. So...
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How do you extend the life of your shoes?
I am very hard on shoes. I haven't been able to find a way to extend the life of my shoes. I have no problem keeping my heels in good shape because I don't wear them often. I'm lucky if I can get my everyday shoes to...
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Second Chance Checking
US Bank offers second chance checking. My sister was in Chexsystems and it took her a long time to finally be able to get a checking account. Some local credit unions also are more community friendly and might give you...
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Do you use the gym in your building?
I recently moved to an apartment complex that has a nice sized gym and a jacuzzi. They are both open for use until midnight every night. I have yet to use either.
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Rice or Pasta?
I love rice. I can eat rice everyday. I can eat rice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I think rice makes a great side dish. I also enjoy rice as my main meal. Sometimes I will make my own variation of fried rice...
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Favorite Office Store? Is there a difference?
I really can't tell the difference between any of the office supply stores. They all have the same stuff. I find the art supply section at Office Depot to be better than the art supply section at Office Max because they...
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Today I learned about a site called Swapmamas. It allows you to swap items you have for things that you need. Has anyone ever used this site? It looks like a great way to save on clothes and toys for your children.
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