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What Do You Use PayPal For?
I use paypal for multiple different things. I've had fundraisers and kickstarters to receive money. I use it in association with 3 work at home sites that I use, as well as to pay for things on Ebay and other sites of...
Posted by: Teens In Crisis in Payment Methods - 7 minutes ago
slice the pie dot com
I've been having a pretty good experience with them, but yes, it does take a really long time to accumulate some profits. I try to do a few songs a day, and got a few friends to sign up, so am around $13. I figure I'll...
Posted by: kbroder9 in Misc & Others - 9 minutes ago
Do you hate Paypal?
I love paypal. I think the fees are a bit stupid, but it's not really that much. I have been using them for a long time, I would say almost since they started offering this service. I have never really had any issues...
Posted by: Teens In Crisis in Payment Methods - 9 minutes ago
Black Friday: Is it saving you money or not?
Heck yes, I love it. Everything from stocking stuffer items - Blu ray movies $5 - to TVs - I don't care right now if it is a cheap brand I don't have a tv and I have been waiting to buy one. Cannot wait. Of course I...
Posted by: sthrngypsy in Seasonal & Holidays - 9 minutes ago
[US Only] Win a pound of Gold
A pound of gold seems like a super cool win! I know there are other contests and giveaways out there, but this one is pretty awesome. I wonder if it will turn out that they give you the gold, or the cash equivalent to...
Posted by: Teens In Crisis in Freebies and Giveaways - 12 minutes ago
Do you wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?
My best friend/roommate does this and it drives me INSANE. She claims she is not washing them, she is just wiping them out. To me if you take soap and a washrag and "wipe out" the dishes you are washing them. If I...
Posted by: sthrngypsy in Home & Garden - 13 minutes ago
As a regular WOOT shopper I really love the way is set up. Different daily deals, different categories, different side deals. It's a pretty great database to get the things that you need. Now that Amazon...
Posted by: Teens In Crisis in Local Deals (Daily Deal Sites) - 14 minutes ago
Best Mouthwash?
I'm a big fan of the Scope mouthwash. Obviously it's not a substitute for brushing or flossing, but definitely good as a filler in the middle of the day. Freshens your breath and helps kills germs, so what could be bad?...
Posted by: kbroder9 in Product Reviews - 16 minutes ago
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