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By RomanAnthonysMama 1 hour ago in Facebook Offers

Giveaways on Facebook: Are They Legit?

Well, it's a good way for them to get lots of info about you and to get your like and to have you promoting them -- x thousands for the amount of people who also want to win. So, some of them really have not much to pay for when they give...

By isabbbela 1 hour ago in Gifts & Flowers

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Want To Get Flowers?

Here's an idea, on top of the hints and the telling him directly and getting them for yourself -- buy flowers for someone. A good friend, a family member -- or his mother! Just go and get them with him and tell him that you think flowers are...

By DrRipley 1 hour ago in Misc & Others

Items You Prefer Customized

I'm not keen on "name tag" items on the whole and I think that they are a really bad idea for young children. I could well imagine a child thinking that it was OK to go off with a stranger because that stranger knew what their name...

By daimashin 1 hour ago in Home & Garden

How do you throw away a bed?

I would definitely try giving it away first. This way, someone else does all the lifting and shifting! Craigslist or Freecycle would be ideal. Otherwise, if there were no county bulky waste collection services in my area, I'd drag it out to...

By lindbergh 2 hours ago in Mobile Apps & Games

Paid apps that pay you

Not really, there are apps that pay. And sure, you won't get a minimum wage out of it, but 10 dollars per month for tapping your screen twice once per day sounds like pretty good value to me personally.Well, there's slicethepie,...

By TommyVercetti 2 hours ago in Movies, Music & Games

Is Anyone Here A Fan Of David Lynch's Work?

Whilst i am not a fan of David Lynch's work i have an admiration for his unique talent and his work as an advocate of transcendental meditation.I tried to watch the Lynch film ''Eraserhead'' but i found it almost...

By EditorsRHumansToo! 2 hours ago in Auto & Moto

Choose Your Mechanic

Modern cars are so complicated that doing the work yourself is beyond the capability of a lot of people so finding a good mechanic is paramount. The diagnostic side of things now gives the mechanic more licence to ''pull the wool over...

By junemoon 2 hours ago in Gifts & Flowers

Free Gift Ideas

Ah, coupons! I think they suck when they are given to a lover with stuff like, "Free hug", "free kiss", "Free back rub" because these are things that you get anyway (or that you can ask for and are no big deal). But...