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Different browsers
I always use Chrome for browsing. I sometimes use Opera or IE when I need to open another email account when I'm already signed in to another account and I don't wanna log out.
Posted by: sidney in Software PC & Mac - 18 minutes ago
dose anyone still play board games as an adult.
Tabletop games are definitely fun, and there's a huge market of them aimed at adults. So, yeah. I personally don't oplay too many of them, because I don't really have anyone to play them with, but I can definitely see...
Posted by: Aladar in Movies, Music & Games - 19 minutes ago
phone camera or digital camera
---Quote (Originally by TuRon Davis)--- Thanks for the insight and replies you guys. I think what I got from you all is that cellphones are pretty convenient but despite the more advanced phones, the overall quality...
Posted by: Aladar in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 21 minutes ago
Fast food: Do you still eat fast food after hearing all the rumors?
I still eat fast food as I am quite addicted to them. I love the taste of fast food batter than any other food. I also think it is quite normal for almost every one to eat fast food these days.
Posted by: akiii123 in Food & Drink - 22 minutes ago
Would you buy a refurbished mac or pc?
Yeah I would buy a refurbished pc as long as the seller is reputable and it has some sort of warranty. Our 1st desktop pc was refurbished, and it lasted for 4 years.
Posted by: sidney in Software PC & Mac - 24 minutes ago
Goats Milk: Do you drink it?
I have always drank cow milk and never thought about drinking goat milk. I am not sure why exactly is the reason may be because it is not very common over here. I also think cow milk is much better than goat milk hence...
Posted by: akiii123 in Food & Drink - 25 minutes ago
House maid: a luxury?
I do think it's a luxury and definitely not in our budget- I mean it certainly isn't a necessity. Maybe I'm a little weird on this one, but I'm not really comfortable with the idea of a maid cleaning up for us anyway- I...
Posted by: JessiFox in Home & Garden - 27 minutes ago
Buying a home overseas?
I've considered it but more in a just wildly daydreaming kind of way than a serious consideration....but there are a few places that really do appeal to me and that I think I would enjoy living overall. Australia is on...
Posted by: JessiFox in Home & Garden - 28 minutes ago
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