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Should You Print On The Back Of Used Paper?
In the company I currently work at we don't have a policy or practice to print on used paper. However, on the smaller company I worked at before this one, we did do that a lot. We usually made a line from the top to...
Posted by: isabbbela in Office Supplies - 6 minutes ago
Staplers or paper clips?
I prefer paperclips just because they're much easier to take off the sheets and much safer as well!! I have made holes on my fingers before with Staples, so not the biggest fan of them.
Posted by: isabbbela in Office Supplies - 9 minutes ago
How do you keep noise out of your office?
My office is actually pretty loud and nobody makes an effort to keep it quiet. And we honestly like it like that! Environment is very informal and fun, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Also, everybody's always in...
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Re-Gifting - Do you think it's acceptable?
I honestly would not like if someone regifted what I gave them, however I did regift a few gifts before... I think that if the person that gave you the present is not as close to you, and you were giving it as a present...
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Aloe Vera - anyone?
Aloe Vera is a life saver for me during the summer. I have fair skin and I burn very easily. I even get sunburned while being in the shade. I always buy at least two or three bottles of Aloe Vera every year because I...
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Why do you exercise?
I exercise to stay in shape. It's not all about being healthy, I love having a nice body and staying toned.
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Bikinis for flat-chested women
I have this problem all the time. I am a member if the "itty bitty titty comity" and it is super hard for me to find swimsuits. Most swim suits that I like make my breast look smaller than what they are already. I...
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What do you use to store leftovers in?
I like using containers for left overs or zip lock bags. I barely have left overs in my house but when I do it is not that much.
Posted by: LuckyGirl08 in Food & Drink - 33 minutes ago
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