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Do You Still Buy Or Collect Magazines?
No I don't buy magazines anymore ever since men blogs became popular. They're free and there's a lot of male websites that provide the daily dose of information that I need to ensure that I'm a better version of myself...
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Do You Go to the Movies Anymore?
Yes I still go to the movies. Maybe once or twice a year I think? And that's only when my friends manage to convince the cheapskate within me. Lol. :D Kidding aside, I don't appreciate going to the movies as much as...
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Worst virus you got?
---Quote (Originally by Magicman94)--- The worst virus I've ever gotten was the FBI Virus. It locks your computer and claims to be from the FBI. It tells you that you need to pay a $200 fine for illegal downloading via...
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Amazon or eBay?
Ebay is ok and I recently discovered they can actually ship things to you faster sometimes. However, I feel safer at Amazon because you don't have to worry about scam sellers. The main reason I use Amazon more though is...
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Why are Compact Disc still being produced?
I don't buy CDs anymore but I still keep some of the ones I own. If I were to get a car that had a CD player, then I would listen to them then. Of course some cars nowadays you can plug in your Idevice but even so I...
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Would ths mean you're an extreme cheap skate?
I have long hair that is all one length. I trim it myself. It makes no sense to pay someone $15 + tip just to cut a straight line. I haven't had someone else cut my hair in at least 10 years.
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What are things that shows or movies do to make you dislike them?
---Quote (Originally by ohiotom76)--- I could keep writing about things that annoy me on shows all day, lol. For many years I quit watching TV all together, but these days I will sometimes leave shows running in the...
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I hate disposing of perfectly functional items
---Quote (Originally by DDavies)--- You can also contact local churches. They may know someone who could use the items or know who to contact. ---End Quote--- That's a good idea, too. Even if they are unable to take...
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