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My first instinct tells me to put in my wallet or purse first. And when I notice they are accumulating, that't the time I check them one by one if which of them is important. Payment on bills like electricity and water...
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How to respond to a Manager being rude to the employee?
I don't know. I want to hear the managers side too. I know how it's like to be a boss and it really comes to a point where you run out of patience to your subordinates. About him calling them "Aye" instead of their...
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Do you buy copy cat sodas?
Yes I do, and they taste ok, so I don't have any complaints. And they are quite cheaper too as compared to the branded sodas, so I get the same amount of soda but at a cheaper price. The brand that I buy is called "RC...
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When Rating Customer Service . . .
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Instant or homemade soup?
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Smart technologies designed for the home are becoming more and more popular. Home automation and smart homes are becoming a thing of today rather than a thing of the future. There are smart thermostats, security...
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What do you use to store leftovers in?
We use a mix of Tupperware and plastic containers to store leftovers. Also if it's fried food, they are just kept in a plate and stored inside the ref. We don't really use ziplock containers to store leftovers.
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