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Oyster Books
I signed up for this site a few months back and I'm really enjoying it. They are known as "the Netflix of books" - $10 a month gets you unlimited access to their library of ebooks. It is a beautiful reading format for...
Posted by: Shoplady in Books, eBooks & Audio Books - 10 minutes ago
Dry or wet/canned food?
I feed my cats a mix of both. Wet food is important to them because as carnivores they don't really drink lots of water since in the wild carnivores get water from meat. So without wet food they can become dehydrated....
Posted by: mariee in Pets - 44 minutes ago
Save money on pet food
How effective a home made diet is depends on the type of pets. Cats for example need some specific enzymes and nutrients and if you fed them a home made diet you will have to buy those supplements or your cat will die...
Posted by: mariee in Pets - 49 minutes ago
Do you ever restyle your wardrobe?
Does re styling mean permanently altering the clothes? Like in the example you gave, would it mean cutting of the skirt of the original dress? In terms of layering, I don't really do that because of the heat. I wear...
Posted by: mariee in Fashion & Apparel - 57 minutes ago
Which current drama or comedy show on television you find overrated?
I agree with the Big Bang Theory. Comedy is the kind of TV show I will watch but it just doesn't seem very funny. I'm not sure why it has lasted this long. I honestly can't think of any others unless I thought about it...
Posted by: Nickchick in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
All New Movies Suck
---Quote (Originally by ACSAPA)--- I'm not going to make the general statement that movies today suck. But I will say that I don't get excited about new movies the way I used to. It has been a long time since I said "I...
Posted by: Nickchick in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
Favorite pair of sunglasses?
I like a subtle cat eye when it comes to sunglasses. I think they look somewhat classic in black, but like that they can also come in fun prints or colors. A favorite color for me is red or royal blue and I love a...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Fashion & Apparel - 1 hour ago
Illegal Music Downloading
I don't even see why this is an issue. If you don't like the artist and you just like a few of their songs, then there's no need to pretend you do by giving them your money. Also most of the artist's profits come from...
Posted by: Nickchick in Movies, Music & Games - 1 hour ago
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