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Do you eat all of the pieces of bread in a loaf?
I've always loved eating the bread crusts. I've heard lots of myths about the crusts being bad for one's health but I never believed them and still don't. ...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Food & Drink - 4 minutes ago
Prepaid phones are a great way to save money on cell phone bills
I have always used prepaid phones, and it does save you a lot of money, because you can control your usage as compared to using postpaid phones, because whether you use it or not, you still get charged the same price. I...
Posted by: sidney in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks - 5 minutes ago
Vegans Ethics
Vegans don't eat any animal-derived products. They actually believe eating an egg is cruelty in itself because you're 'murdering' the chick that would have been hatched from that egg, that's assuming the egg was...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Food & Drink - 12 minutes ago
Travel At Night To Avoid Paying For Accommodation?
That's making the assumption that you're traveling by train or bus and the distance is somewhat long. It could save you the money you'd have paid a hotel for that one night. It may not be much if you'll need to be in a...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Travel - 22 minutes ago
What's your next holiday really going to cost you?
I never spend a lot when I'm holiday because most of the time I'll get free accommodation and food in the house of some relative who lives in the place I'm visiting. I always pick my destinations thusly [since I don't...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Travel - 32 minutes ago
Full Time Rv'ers
It really depends on why you choose to be on the road. For example, if you don't have many friends you care for in a particular place, then I don't think you can ever get tired of traveling all the time. I'd...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Travel - 43 minutes ago
Do You Plant The Same Vegatables Every Year?
While it's always good to grow the kind of vegetables which do well in your region, growing the same kind each year will deplete essential nutrients from the soil and in time you'll be getting less and less produce from...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Home & Garden - 1 hour ago
Do you spend money on pot plants?
In addition to simply buying seeds, all you probably need is the containers you'll use to grow your plants in. Take a ride out of town and dig up some soil. Just make sure it's not privately owned land, lest you get...
Posted by: Denis Hard in Home & Garden - 1 hour ago
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