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Favorite Brands
I'm very loyal to Apple products when it comes to electronics. Old Navy, Woman Within & Roses are my clothing stores. Wal-Mart is my favorite all in one retail store
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Fashion & Apparel - 11 minutes ago
What's the best pimple-fighting product you've ever used?
I actually use toothpaste on pimples and it works. It dries them out and they disappear! Just use a dab of toothpaste on each pimple. Wipe it in as you're going to keep it on your face all night. Wake up in the morning...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Health & Beauty - 14 minutes ago
Facial cleanser/toner
Witch Hazel is new to me. Do you just apply it to your face directly from the bottle? Do you wash it off after so long? I seriously need to try this if its known to work.
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Health & Beauty - 17 minutes ago
Favorite bag?
I used to carry really large soft leather bags, but since I would always stuff them with my wallet, umbrella, keys, cosmetics etc. the bags started to get way too heavy and I was getting headaches. Now I like small to...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Fashion & Apparel - 34 minutes ago
Best Shoe Prices
I do most of my shoe shopping at Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx. I like buying my shoes at those stores because they always have a great selection of brands. In addition to that the prices you pay for some high quality...
Posted by: forextraspecialstuff in Fashion & Apparel - 37 minutes ago
Perfect Brownie Pan (Anyone have this? Bad or good?)
I bought the Perfect Brownie pan when it first come out. I find it to be a great little pan for those that want proportion their desserts. The divider does fit in the pan well but I don't like how everything you bake in...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in As Seen on TV - 1 hour ago
The never ending Facebook problem!
Insecurities is the first and foremost problems amongs ailing relationships, not Facebook. Facebook just happens to be the place where people turn to vent and/or cause drama amongst others. Another reason people turn to...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Misc & Others - 1 hour ago
Cheap Gifts For Kids
I think parents nowadays one up their kids by what other kids get or say they're getting. Its a shame people actually do this. I also believe that kids don't have to have those high prices items such as a cell phone,...
Posted by: Sweetkymom in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff - 1 hour ago
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