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By dashboardc33 16 minutes ago in Fashion & Apparel

The Real Deal Or Knock Offs?

I am not a brand conscious person so it's normal for me not to buy branded clothes. In fact, most of my purchases are the real deal but they come from independent boutiques or less known designers or clothing labels. For me, as long as it...

By SweetMamaKaty 42 minutes ago in Freebies and Giveaways

Get $15 Worth Of Gently Used Clothing Free + Free Shipping!

Never mind. I see it now. I have to get someone to sign up, using my ref. link.:I'm so sorry, . I missed your referral link!

By ohiotom76 51 minutes ago in Freebies and Giveaways

Easy way to get $10 dollars at HappyMinerCoupon

I can't make heads nor tails of this site! What a weird way to make money. It's not worth my time trying to figure it out. :rolleyes:

By barkingsquirrel 1 hour ago in Product Reviews

Frozen Yogurt Or Ice Cream?

Ice cream and only the expensive kind. Yep, I managed to get finicky like a cat. I bought some dulche de leche (spelling?) and I was hooked. Having said this, I only buy it when it's on sale. There are some things in life which I'm...

By MrsJones 2 hours ago in Auto & Moto

How Often Do You Get New License Plates?

There's no reason to switch license plates every year, unless there's something wrong with the existing ones. It's not that hard to get new plates, but it's unnecessary for most people. You can keep the same plates for 50 years...

By Quaestor 2 hours ago in Movies, Music & Games

Game Discounts

Does anyone know of any credible websites or services that sell discounted or have regular game sales?Currently, I use Steam (for the sales), and I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere else similar.I know there are a few websites that will...

By EditorsRHumansToo! 2 hours ago in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets

My Phone Cannot "read" Micro 120 Sd Card!

Well, I'd start by not purchasing SD cards used from eBay again, or even new from unscrupulous sellers. You're better off paying a few extra bucks to get it new from a manufacturer or actual retailer because storage products are often...

By outdoorgal 3 hours ago in Mobile Apps & Games

Looking for best ways to get discounted games

My first interest in "saving" money on, is the games I love to play. I am hooked on Hidden Object games, and they are usually in either specialty stores or Walmart has them as well. I know there are other places, but Walmart, as you...