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Latest discussions on forum

By Medieval Mama 48 minutes ago in Mobile Apps & Games

Free Daily Apps

I hadn't realized there was an Amazon AppStore. I'll take a look at it and I like the idea of "free". But if it only provides limited value then I may reconsider using it.

By MrsJones 56 minutes ago in Mortgage & House Payments

Help In Difficult Times...

That sounds like a good scheme, we don't have anything like that in the UK. Many years ago i got in to difficulties with my mortgage payments and called the lender for help. The bank in question used to shout from the rooftops that should you...

By TheViper 1 hour ago in Phone, Internet & TV

Worst Customer Service Experience?

I've found customer service over the phone to be in decline as I am sure they outsource it to homeworkers or remote call centers and are not a part of the actual company, hence different phone numbers. Many are not trained and don't...

By hayrake 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

White Breads Or Whole Grain?

I prefer wholemeal multi grain bread. These days you have to read the ingredients though and see the percentage of wholewheat flour used, because the name maybe misleading. I found a wholemeal loaf that had mixed flours, it wasn't labelled...

By Rosyrain 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Annie Organic Mac And Cheese

I like boxed mac and cheese and I have Annie's before, but never noticed that much difference. I use soy milk and more water to make mine, but I like Kraft and there is always somewhere that has it on special. They are handy to have when you...

By missbishi 2 hours ago in Home & Garden

Limescale Removal

If it's quicker, then I'm trying with Apple Cider vinegar. I wouldnt use "The WOrks" because I tend to be forgetful and would hate to come back and see my shower head disintegrated. LOL;):D

By PunkinPie 2 hours ago in Movies, Music & Games

How Do You Save At The Movies?

They do something similar here like twenty minutes away in car, but I have no car. They usually have family movies. I'd take the bus there but they have these movies starting like at night which blows because who wants to have their kids...

By Flowerpower 2 hours ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

What Do You Do With 'bad Books'?

Any "physical" book that I don't enjoy I donate to charity. For eBooks, I just bin them :)