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Emergency Money When Travelling

I also have a credit card as a back up for cash I may need in an emergency. I, also, always have extra money in the bank so I kept my debit card on hand. I always make sure to buy travel insurance, too. You can never be too prepared when you are traveling.

Pet Food - Would You Eat It ?

It's not even good for pets, so no. But I don't see why not for anyone who eats eats meat.. it's coming from the same animals.. and some euthanized ones, maybe some road kill lol, lots of fillers and corn. But it still might actually be healthier...

Spending Too Much Money On Shampoo?

When the bottle is not that full, you can also dilute the shampoo a bit by pouring water into it so that it will last longer. I know there are some products like Ivory that are supposed to be gentle on the hair, so that can help people with dry hair.

Recipes For Gifted Zucchini And Other Garden Delights

As I grow my own and zucchini are almost a staple part of my diet - as I mostly eat Mediterranean food - I have to say that there is not much that you can't do with them - for exampleyou can add them to almost any stew, casserole, soup, pasta or rice dishuse...

It Pays Off To Complain About (most) Restaurants!

It has to be really bad to complain and usually I would do it there and then. Only if the staff didn't deal with things or want to then I would write to the owner or head office. These days people use social media instead as it guarantees a faster reaction...

The Gift Of Beauty

That is such a well thought out gift, and I'm glad that your daughter loved the gift. I think for $10, that's a great bargain already, since you get to try out different brands and shades of make-up. And if you need cash, then you guys can just simply...

Once A Month Cooking?

Is the issue solely about saving money though? Because even if you don't cook your food weeks in advance, you can still cook it on a daily basis and save roughly the same amount of money. Only instead, you can also enjoy fresher food instead of eating all...