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FREAKER USA INC IS A NORTH CAROLINA BASED COMPANY THAT IS ON THE FOREFRONT OF KEEPING BOTTLES COOL AND HANDS MORE COMFORTABLE. ZACH CRAIN AND THE FREAKER TEAM ARE PURSUING THEIR AMERICAN DREAM OF PREVENTING ALL MOIST HANDSHAKES WITH THEIR PATENT PENDING PRODUCT THE “FREAKER.” Manufactured in Troy, North Carolina, Freakers are nationally recognized as the one-size-fits-all knit koozie that functionally makes your beverage feel special. Presented in myriad of prismatic designs; the Freaker is a strong, tight knit that keeps your liquids insulated in style! Freaker USA Inc. started with one man and two knitting needles. Now the company consists of a small group of young & inspired entrepreneurs using the ingenuity of their generation to create a unique and interactive business model. The FreakerTeam is a crew of quirky creatives; designers, internet-gurus and filmmakers. In a time that presents little financial opportunity for the contemporary youth, the Freaker team is creating their own job market through the social media they were bred on. They weave the Freaker so artfully and seamlessly in and out of everything they do, that it’s hard to see the lines between the product, the life and the profile of Freaker-culture. Rather than seek out angel investors or venture capitalists for their project, the company once again is turning to the social media they know so well: crowdfunding via Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a dynamic platform where the general public can financially support creative projects through small donations. In order for this funding to succeed, each project launches a video in order to pitch the idea to potential backers which is ideally the entire online community. The video produced by the FreakerTeam is ridiculous; it’s over the top stream of conscious madness- think the Pikey’s from ‘Snatch’ meets the dino-DNA video from Jurassic Park plus Martha Stewart and a twist of methamphetamines- and afterward it leaves you completely blindsided, like if you’re not with them you’re being left behind on the ride of your life. They aren’t selling a product, they’re giving you an invitation to their party; a starter kit for a new lifestyle. The Freaker isn’t a strike-at-the-wind attempt to get rich, it’s the background music to a never-ending journey. Infusing life into a drink sweater, the FreakerTeam of madcap facilitators want to make sure you know that you’re invited to join in the fun.



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