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By DukeMadThane 38 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Incorporate Vegetables With Kimchi

I agree. Kimchi is one great flavor extender and it will allow you to save a lot of money with dishes since you won't have to buy a lot to provide flavor. I also like other things similar to this that could give extra punch to food and allow...

By EditorsRHumansToo! 40 minutes ago in Books, eBooks & Audio Books

Do You Write Reviews On Ebooks You Buy?

I honestly don't because I'm not fond of going back to the site to leave a feedback, both positive or negative, although I have to admit I'd probably be more inclined to do so if I were to leave a negative comment more so than I...

By Clairelouise84 43 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Your Best Bargain Lately?

I just got back from vacation and I got a huge bargain on the souvenirs I purchased for friends back home. I always try and get a good discount whenever I'm buying in bulk because I'm able to feel less guilty about asking for a lower...

By bonzer 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Do You Eat Berries?

I am true berry lover. They are my favorite fruit. I adore all the different varieties, but I have a special liking for juicy, organic raspberries. They do something special for me. They make me feel happy and relaxed.In the past, when I lived in...

By jfab 1 hour ago in Food & Drink

Going Organic

I've long given up shopping in supermarkets. In recent years I have almost exclusively grown my own produce or purchased it from farmers at farmers' markets. They don't just sell organic fruit and vegetables there, but also homemade...

By GenevB 2 hours ago in Travel

Do you like reading while traveling?

Traveling is probably the only time I can finally read a book, so I take this opportunity to dive into one of my favorite novels and authors. It's not everyday that I get to be on a plane and not do anything but sit down and analyze what I...

By dashboardc33 3 hours ago in Food & Drink

Are You Picky About Food Quality?

Ice cream is something I would definitely splurge on and get stuff that was made locally, even if it did cost a little more. I've tried some of the cheaper store brand variety, and did not care for them. They often had a bizarre texture to...

By Miaka_M 3 hours ago in Product Reviews

Lush - Coalface Cleanser

I haven't heard of Lush before your post, that I know of. This cleanser sounds appealing, I am dealing with oily skin and am always looking for an effective cleanser. The one I'm using now, by Origin, works okay, but it is actually...