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Latest discussions on forum

By kjonesm1 43 minutes ago in Food & Drink

Dining Coupons

We use coupons for dining out whenever we can get our hands on them. They can save you a lot of money when you are eating out with the family. I sometimes get buy one, get one meal free coupons from a Mexican restaurant we frequent. We also g wet...

By Rosyrain 53 minutes ago in Product Reviews

Pots And Pans

Where do you purchase your pots and pans, and how often do you have to buy them? I purchased a really expensive set from Macys about 10 years ago and they still look brand new for the most part. The equipment is from their Belgique collection and...

By reubhole1 57 minutes ago in Shopping Discussion

What Is Worth The Expense?

For me it is hair care products and make up. I purchase my hair care products at the salon when I go to get my hair cut. I have very finicky hair and cheap hair care products do not do as well to tame it. I also have sensitive skin, so I splurge...

By Sweetkymom 1 hour ago in Seasonal & Holidays

Alternatives to a outrageous priced Easter basket?

Well, Walmart in my area doesn't start marking anything down until the day after the holiday. A few days after that, they mark down again. That is the best time to buy things for the following year (not candy, but the non-perishable stuff...

By JoanMcWench 1 hour ago in Seasonal & Holidays

Cheapest Way To Construct Easter Baskets?

I think I'd go with gift bags in this case, considering that you need so many and there isn't much time left. You should be able to find some in bulk then make your shredded grass. For those that don't have a shredder, you can just...

By ABC123 1 hour ago in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff

Toddler Shoes

Oh yes, I have a barefoot baby too. No shoes unless we are going out. Lately he seems to like wearing his sandals but I got them "lost" so he needs to choose between the others ones. LOL You've got to trick them as they grow....

By hayrake 1 hour ago in Home & Garden

Tomato Planting Time

I tried planting them once but kept getting these white things growing with them no matter how much I fed and cleaned and whatnot. Good luck with your tomatoes though!

By MrsJones 1 hour ago in Mortgage & House Payments

Help In Difficult Times...

Ms.Jones, glad to hear that you were able to get some relief for your situation. Unemployment is scary enough, not to mention the prospect of losing your house on top of it all. I imagine that loan programs are much more organized now then when I...