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Does Eating At A Buffet Save Money?

If you plan on eating a lot of food but don't want to pay too large a price for it, I think you will end up saving money eating at buffets. If your intention of passing by a buffet is to just eat a plate, then you're not really getting...
48 minutes ago - - Food & Drink

An App You Can't Live Without

Apps I can't live without on my Android phone would have to be Chrome, Instagram, BBM, Spotify and Evernote. All five of them are responsible for either providing me entertainment, information or allow me to organize and access my notes and...
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Do You Truly Treat Your Pet As Part Of The Family?

My dog is like a baby to me and I treat him like one every day. He sleeps in my bed with me every night, I dress up my dog but not in ridiculous clothes.. he gets a sweater in the fall and a coat and boots in the winter and he really appreciates...
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Over The-phone Purchases?

I've had numerous telemarketers try to call my phone and get my credit card details, saying that I got some discount out of nowhere for some trip to a country. That is a scam guys where they try to get your card details and charge you left...
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Saving Money At The Theatres?

I love going to the movies so not attending isn't an option especially since I have children and they love going as well. Tuesday nights where I am the ticket is half the price so that's when we go and I always sneak in my own water and...
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Victoria Secret Outlet, Best Finds?

Oh my goodness! Did you say a "Victoria Secret Outlet"? That is amazing! I really wish that there was one around where I live, I'd be going there all the time! The prices that you mentioned are amazing, their bras are so cute and...
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Free Stuff To Do At Disney

I have been to Disney many times and I find they offer so much for the money you spend on admission. They have parades, character meet and greets, stage shows, at the resorts they have movies under the stars beside the pool, games and crafts for...

Music you don't like listening to?

I would say that I like many genres of music but I can not bare listening to songs that can't string together any coherent sense so that I can get something out of it and that happens often with these new, hype-in-a-bottle, contemporary...
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