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Vainglory - Super Fun New MOBA for Tablets
I've never been an obsessive MOBA player but I've played once on twice with my friends on LAN and I enjoyed it very much. The main hindrance for me was just that they seemed to daunting and complicated but now I am...
Posted by: DrRipley in Mobile Apps & Games - 43 minutes ago
Returning gifts
I don't really refund gifts, but I do regift when something is horrible. I feel bad about that particular Christmas. I do not want inlaws like that in the future! I do not see anything wrong with regifting or returning...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Gifts & Flowers - 43 minutes ago
Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pib
I'm pretty sure Dr Pepper was the original, Mr Pib came out later given the success of the former. It's a Coke vs Pepsi question to me, I'd definitely pick Dr Pepper 10 times out of 10.
Posted by: Squigly in Food & Drink - 44 minutes ago
Instant or Brewed Iced Tea?
The instant mixes can have quite a high sugar content, and they are more costly than brewing your own tea. If you have the time, I would definitely recommend brewing your own iced tea instead. You could add your own...
Posted by: Squigly in Food & Drink - 45 minutes ago
Eating before working out?
Before I go for a run every morning, I eat a banana and a piece of bread. I do not go out on an empty stomach because doing so makes me feel dizzy. :) I think that what is bad is eating a full, heavy meal before working...
Posted by: chiofthenorns in Sports & Fitness - 47 minutes ago
Do You Tell People You Love Them?
---Quote (Originally by JosieP)--- LOL!! I would, but from what I've seen, they have no clue. I get mixed messages from that group (teachers). I've had many give a huge sigh of relief when they heard I homeschooled....
Posted by: DreekLass in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions - 48 minutes ago
Alternative to Dropbox?
OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage alternatives to DropBox, although you're going to have to pay for that extra storage space. Virtually no cloud storage service is going to give you 50+ GB of space for free. I...
Posted by: troutski in Mobile Apps & Games - 49 minutes ago
Do You Still Buy DVD's?
I honestly can't remember the last time i bought a CD/DVD. I purchased digital copies now, it's easier and more convenient. Add in the fact that we can pretty much download anything for free now doesn't help either....
Posted by: obliviousme in Movies, Music & Games - 49 minutes ago
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