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Gallery Nucleus has prints on sale for 25% off. Just enter code at checkout:
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You can save 20% off of my painting, "Erstwhile" at Gallery Nucleus's online shop! Enter at checkout!
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Our usual stock of food are canned food and drinks. We have a cupboard that holds cans of corned beef, spam, sausage, sardines, beans, and other food items like biscuits and instant noodles. In the stock room are our soda and juices of different kinds - cans and...

Tablet Or Real Book?

Much as there appear to be pros and cons to both and I do remember being absolutely thrilled when I first got my e-reader - I have to admit that even though its lightweight and especially good for traveling - particularly as it means I can have plenty of reading...

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As everything I eat has to be made from scratch with totally natural ingredients - as I can't eat processed foods or commercially made products - I've always made my own stock and although many people think it time consuming - I actually find it quite the...

Is There A Difference Between A Cheap And Expensive Non-stick Frying Pan?

Use wooden spoons and plastic spatulas and all will be fine. I do find cheaper ones you have to be careful with and they can stick a little if things bet burnt.I'm glad dad bought some new pans, just make sure you clean them gently too and soak them if you need...

How Do You Save Money On Herbs?

We have a small backyard garden and some planter boxes around the house plus an extension garden in the vacant lot beside our property. Our herbs are not that many but we have mint and basil plus spices like lemon grass, real lemon, ginger, etc. We plant not to save...

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I guess a writeup is the best gift you can give a person. It is like a eulogy in the sense that you are praising the person. But the essence of the article should not totally focused on the person so that others would also appreciate reading it. Something like a...

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Yes, I try to have an empty cupboard by the end of the month so that I know I bought exactly the right amount and didn't waste anything. My ex loved to look at full cupboards but ended up throwing away expired food.An empty cupboard at the end of the month makes...

What Food Are You Ashamed That You Buy & Eat?

I guess my particular embarrassing food is Hamburger Helper Cheesy Hashbrown. It's the only Helper that I like and once you cook it, you end up with a pan of crispy hash browns, seasoned ground beef and cheese.They discontinued it for a while and people got...