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You can save 20% off of my painting, "Erstwhile" at Gallery Nucleus's online shop! Enter at checkout!

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Gallery Nucleus has prints on sale for 25% off. Just enter code at checkout:

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What's For Dinner That's Costs Less?

I had very large icy shake that was so filling. 10 bananas with some ice. They actually have a huge amount of nutrition in them and burn fat. It's just a couple of dollars.

Transition to Vegetarianism

Look at my post in Vegan Ethics about eggs. Dairy, we are not cows. The calf gains how many tons the first year? The milk is designed for the calf to stay close to the mother. This is why people get so crazy about dairy. Just remember we are not cows and we...

Vegans Ethics

I don't think you end up spending more money as a vegan. An chicken egg is basically an embryo. The other thing that goes on that really got me is what they do with the male chicks. They don't want them so somebody stands there and sorts them out. The baby...

How About The British West Indies?

I've been to a little over a half a dozen nice places for vacation. Every photo of the British West Indies just looks so beautiful. Any info or thoughts about this spot.

Cost Efficient Modern Technologies

In the recent years, I've been hearing a lot more about new versions of traditional items that I should be replacing to become more cost efficient, and I'm wondering what else I could be missing so that I could replace those items as well and end up paying...


I think most people just commonly ignore the purchase options as the developers have structured their software in a way that makes it still functional even if they put up an option for customers to contribute financially. I have heard of one or two people who have...

Forever 21 30% Off

Be sure to check out my Forever 21 BOGO post that I made earlier! BOGO on all sale items if you're interested. I love Forever 21 and their swimwear is so comfortable. I took advantage of that sale as well and bought two new bathing suits :cool:

Do You "sample Surf" As Supermarkets?

I do it when the store I'm in is a reputable one because for the smaller ones I don't trust them as much with sanitation. I know I'm more likely just being overly paranoid but I'm not too curious anyway so I can just pass them over without much...