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Has The Warranty You Get Ever Been The Deal-breaker For You?
If there is a return policy with the seller in place I would purchase the item warranty or not. I would have to feel very confident that the seller would honor the return policy to complete the transaction.
Posted by: Pat in Computers, Electronics & Gadgets - 12 minutes ago
Do Your Buy All Your Stuff From One Store?
I buy the majority of my stuff (I'm assuming this means everyday things like food, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, etc) from 2 places, a local grocery store and Walmart. These places are convenient to me because...
Posted by: mariee in Misc & Others - 27 minutes ago
Avoid airport food?
Now that you can not take food past security, I try to eat a big meal before it is time to go past security. I wait until we have landed or just eat fruit to avoid the unhealthy foods that usually make me sick of the...
Posted by: Pat in Travel - 29 minutes ago
Best Warehouse Store: Costco or BJ's or Sam's Club ?
I am sorry to say I do not have an answer for you, I do not shop at the large stores. My daughter does she has a BJ's account, which she really likes, she says she saves alot of money by getting the snack items in the...
Posted by: Pat in Stores Reviews, Comments & Complaints - 35 minutes ago
I am a new user, and I am happy to be here to participate in the forums. I am a single Mother with 2 daughters, and I am pretty good at pinching pennies. I am always looking for ideas to save, and glad to share any...
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Monoprice DJ Headphones - the best cheap alternative.
Hi. So this is going to be a small review of my favorite headphones. They are the Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone (model 8323) (link...
Posted by: mariee in Product Reviews - 38 minutes ago
Printing pictures
---Quote (Originally by Gelsemium)--- I don't disagree with that and up until I was single I had zero pictures around my place, it's simply not me, but women to love to give their special touch and to accumulate all...
Posted by: Nickchick in Misc & Others - 1 hour ago
Clothes That Aren't Decent
---Quote (Originally by 003)--- I agree that there really should be. When people are dressing they shouldn't just think of themselves, they should also be considering others especially the children. They shouldn't wear...
Posted by: Nickchick in Fashion & Apparel - 1 hour ago
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