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Coconut Oil

Yeah you are going to love it. It is funny that you say it makes you feel slightly sick the idea of gargling with it. Usually some people will eat it. A teaspoon or more to help with digestion. Heals and detoxes the tummy. You would more than likely have a nauseous...

Washington Dc Attractions

I haven't been to America yet but Washington DC, particularly the White House is one of my dream places to visit. How I love to take a selfie with the White House as the background. We often travel like 2 times a year to foreign countries. But with the US, my...

Bed Bath And Beyond Mobile Coupon

Another little tip I discovered by accident - if you go into one of their stores looking to purchase a product you saw on their web site and they don't have it in stock for some reason, they will often offer to order it for you online and in the process, you...

I think you'll be pretty surprised when they arrive - the quality of them was much better than I was expecting. I was fully anticipating them being all cheap and lightweight and the blades dulling quickly, but that was not the case at all. I have both the...

Internet Speed

Here are result on speedtest:So slow indeed. I pay around 15 euro.anyway its so slow because of my router. On cable is a bit better ;p


In general, I am open to trying lesser known brands, but with infomercial products in particular, I would really need to see the knockoff item in person to judge it's quality. I think with the explosion of sites such as Amazon, I've become much more open...

Skin Tag Remover

I've attempted to use apple cider vinegar in the past to remove a few moles with moderate success, but there are some drawbacks to the process as well if you are applying it directly to your skin. For one, it's basically corroding your skin - it's an...

Does The Ability To Buy "as Seen On Tv" Products In Stores Lessen Your Desire For Them?

There's the whole cultural kitsch factor they are playing too with consumers with "as seen on TV" products. As stupid and ugly as the Snuggies were, people were buying them up and I have friends that actually use them! Not to mention those who are...